Friday, March 27, 2009

I haven’t updated on us for a while, so while I am sitting here waiting for the blizzard of 2009 to hit, I thought I would write.
Things are good. I just caught myself thinking of today of how grown up my boys are. It suddenly just hit me. They are just lot of fun and we have been doing a lot of family things together lately. Sunday we took the boys to see WWE. We surprised them with tickets a couple of weeks ago. They really enjoyed it. They got pictures of John Cena while he was signing autographs, as well has GETTING his autograph, so it was a hit. Me? I sat and read the teenage girls text messages who was sitting in front of me, and listened to the family behind me make idiots of themselves. Not really my thing. But it was so awesome to watch my boy’s faces and feel their excitement.
Monday night we had parent teacher conferences. We were very pleased. J has all A’s. He was very excited because he was gotten very close a couple of times, with only one B, but has never pulled off ALL A’s before! T had a good report card too. Mostly A’s with a couple B’s.
J got his rabbits’ re-bred and she is due to have her kits March 31st. We’ve decided she is defiantly pregnant. I just hope it goes a bit better than last time.
T has taken on a new adventure. He recently, after a trip in to Orschelns, became obsessed with chickens. So he came, in a very grown up manner, and asked if he could do a poultry project for 4-H. Any normal parent would have probably laughed and said HELL NO, but….. Danny has been wanting chickens for a couple of years now, so it wasn’t really hard to convince his dad why this would be a good idea. So, our shed out back has been converted into a chicken coop. T got them from a chicken breeder here in town, and he and his dad have spent hours out there learning different things. He even showed T how to candle eggs and showed him several in different stages of development. I do not think I have ever seen T so excited and interested in a subject before. We have had some self esteem and social anxiety problems with T, so this really pleased me to see him branch out to something *he* was interested in. He is a major follower, and usually just sticks to things that his brother is doing, so this has been a major step up for him. So, our new additions are: Jack (the rooster), Chirpy, Sally, Loren, and Tyson (get it? Tyson Chicken?). And I admit..there is something really satisfying about collecting eggs and knowing exactly where it has come from.

We have our garden plot plowed and our potatoes planted. I am so ready to get things planted and to see things grow. My kids are really into the garden thing this year too so it’s a nice project for all of us.
D also got the front lawn tilled up. Right now it’s tilled up with lots of rabbit manure mixed in waiting for seed. I hope it goes well. I love grass and I hate dirt…at least as my front yard. My house has been even more dusty than usual since he has done it. Ugh.


princessdiva said...

Sure miss spring from yesterday! My blooming stuff is looking a little peaked today. More snow coming your way momentarily-so says my radar! Have a good one!

numberonesistah said...

Yay, glad to hear from ya again! I'm going to have to figure out where you live sometime and come check out your bunnies and chicks. Sounds like a perfect Easter trip! lol