Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Fever

I am SO excited! I have tulips and tuffs of green coming up in my yard. Spring really IS coming. I don’t think the winter has been all that horrible this year, it just seems like it’s been so long. I love the time between spring and summer where you can open up all the windows—even at night. I love waking up and hearing the morning birds singing. I also love the way the morning SMELLS when my windows are open. I know its morning before I even open my eyes.

J decided that he did in fact want to try to have another litter of rabbits. This is after D talked to a breeder friend who assured J that this does in fact happen ALOT. In fact, he lost a litter the same night J did due to the cold. He re-bred them on Saturday, so, J’s new litter is due March 31st, and I am praying this one goes much better. At least the weather SHOULD be a bit warmer.

His last home BBall game was on Saturday. He’s gotten to play point guard a lot the past 2 games he’s played so he’s been very excited. We have one more game, and then I believe a tournament and then we are done. On to baseball….

T informed me last night that he thinks he’s going to grow his hair out. I told him he still has to get it trimmed up around his ears and neck, but I got out of him that he really is just trying to hide the moles he has growing on his head. The kids at school bug him about them I guess. He’s almost made his AR goal. This kid likes to slack off the first few weeks and then really push it as the deadline draws closer. This is the last week, and he needs to read 4 small chapter books. We shall see…

The tiller is sitting on my porch awaiting a new gas line so my yard is still intact at the moment. I think he has big plans for it this weekend, however. He was not able to go get the King Kong rabbits this past weekend as planned, but we are going to a show in Garden on the 21st and are going to meet our friend then.

I just realized that there are only about 11 weeks of school left. Wow—I swear I JUST BOUGHT gym shoes and new pencils.


princessdiva said...

I love your new page layout! Hope the rabbit thing goes better this time! Glad J enjoyed himself--we enjoy his company too. G is excited for the real day tomorrow. Do you remember when birthdays used to be so cool, it was hard to sleep the night before--where did that go?? It's a little overrated at our age I guess. Have a good one! M

numberonesistah said...

Are you serious!? Only 11 weeks of school left? I'm not ready yet...I must mentally prepare...that does not compute, that does not compute.

numberonesistah said...

Oh..and found ya! ::::imagine the maniacal laugh of someone that wants to rule the world::::: LOL