Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

Well, when my boys are old and grey, they will be able to tell the stories from the Blizzard of 2009. They have had so much fun out there today. They can even walk right over our fence because the snow was so high!
We trudged out to take of the rabbits and chickens- It took me a good 10 minutes this morning to walk about 50 feet from the house. There was snow up to my hips in some spots. All of them made it through, though the bunnies seemed to be pretty freaked out and skittish. It got better and faster for us to go back there after we had walked out there a couple of times and wore a path.
You would think being stuck at home I would have lots and lots done. Nope. I’ve been really lazy. I got the laundry all done and my kitchen clean-ish, but that’s about all.
I should have gotten a lot done on my cross-stitch project I’m working on, but haven’t even really done that. A couple of years ago my mom got me a cross-stitch pattern of a picture of the boys she had had converted over to a pattern. It has about 65 different colors, and it seems every stitch is a new color. It is by far the most complicated project I have ever done. In fact, it scared me so bad when I first got it, I put it up on my closet shelf and just now got the guts to do it!! I think it will be really neat though when I get it done. It’s coming along—just VERY slowly.
I’m really hoping we can get out of the house very soon.


princessdiva said...

What a fun day! Glad the bunnies are good. The drifts were amazing. Saw some pretty big ones myself when I got home!

Shawn said...

This is crazy. I was out myself to work on a snowman today and was astonished at how fast I was worn out just trying to walk around in that snow! The boys are all having a blast.