Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday we had a surprise out in the chicken coop. Our hen Tyson laid an ENORMOUS egg! This egg would probably been the equivalent to a human giving birth to a 15 lb baby with no drugs.
Anyway, it turns out; this is our very first double yoked egg. The internet says that these eggs are 50% bigger and wider than normal eggs and would have meant twin chicks in an egg. (They never hatch though.)
That egg is so big it doesn’t even really fit into the egg carton. The egg we used to compare it to is just a tad smaller than the large eggs I buy at the store.
Holy Moly.

So, I have now blogged about rabbits, chickens, and now eggs. It’s safe to say it doesn’t take much in this world to amuse me!


princessdiva said...

YUM YUM. You truly are from the "funny farm" HEE, HEE.

Shawn said...

so...when is it time for me to put in my egg order?