Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kansas Weather is NUTS!

For the record, I am SO SICK of cold weather, snow, and hurricane force wind I could just SCREAM!!
So anyway...
..it’s not even 7 pm and I am sitting here in my pj’s, enjoying a glass of wine. A REALLY big glass. I hope no one comes over unexpectedly!

We had a great weekend. J’s birthday was on Saturday and we had some of the family over for a small BBQ. J wanted Guitar Hero so that’s what he got from us. He made off with a pretty good wad of cash, as well as some ankle weights he’s been wanting, and some other stuff, I just can’t remember. (Must be the wine!) I think his favorite part was though was sitting and listening to my dad. He was in a story telling mood, and some of these stories he had never heard before. He couldn’t believe his grandfather was so crazy and silly back in the day. Dad got worn out and didn’t stay for very long, but was nice to have him over for a bit. He doesn’t leave his house much these days.

D got the grass planted so I’m crossing my fingers grass grows soon. Since he’s tilled it up I’ve had to dust twice as often!! UGH!!

T has decided he wants to go out for baseball this season. You have no idea how excited I was. He has made so much progress this year. This is the very first time he’s wanted to play baseball. He played football, but I think he feels “safe” with playing football because he’s hidden inside his helmet and pads.

J’s bunnies are doing super. We are still bringing them in at night and taking them out to mom in the morning. They finally have fur, and are almost ready to start opening their eyes. He does have one in the litter that seems to be the runt. He is half the size as his brothers and sisters, and never seems to have a really full tummy, no matter how much we step in and give him extra feedings with his mom. I’m not sure what will happen to that little guy, but J’s trying everything he can. He’s 11, with his very first litter of buns, so the whole “sometimes that just happens” spill really seems cruel to him.

I am so ready for spring. REAL spring. Spring with no snow or cold wind. I got our seeds for our garden a couple of weeks ago, as well as a dormant Bleeding Heart plant. I love those things!! I had one for many years, and when D chopped down a tree in the front yard, he killed it off and it never came back. So, I have my new one planted and started inside, waiting for the weather to warm up. It’s already got some nice shoots coming up. I also started some Sweet Peas. I’ve never grown them before, but fondly remember my grandmother having them. She planted hers so that they would grow up her clothes line poles at the end and I always remember smelling them. Not sure where I am going to put them, but I'm excited to smell them and pretend I am 5 years old again..even if just for a few seconds!
Hope everyone has a great week!!


Becky said...

For the record, I wrote this last night, and posted it today...I am not drinking on the job ladies, really! =-)

Shawn said...

I love sweet peas! I'm not sure the wind is EVER going to quit though...blah.

princessdiva said...

I have sweet peas started in my basement too, I have never grown them, never knew anyone who grew them, and have truthfully, never seen them in real life before. So we'll see. They look fabulous so far! Also found a couple of bleeding hearts coming up right before blizzard. I bought them 1/2 price last season in late May/early June and planted them. They promptly croaked--I couldn't believe they have been resurrected! Yeah! HMMM WINE!