Sunday, April 26, 2009

Murphy's Law

I haven’t blogged for a little while, and I have heard about it from my mom several times, so I thought I would sit down and write for a bit.
Honestly, I just haven’t felt like sitting down and blogging something happy or funny. Things have been kind of rough over the past couple of weeks. However, I really enjoy writing and reflecting, so I think this is exactly what I need to do!

So, anyway, it seems my household is following Murphy’s Law:
"If something can go wrong it will.” Friday was the very worse. 2 of our neighbors dogs got in and killed 6 of our 8 chickens. Keep in mind that these were mostly T’s chickens, and Friday was T’s birthday. The man the dogs belonged to was super nice about the entire thing, and paid for everything to be replaced and treated-- we had to take Dan’s white giant bun over to the vet. The dog got under her cage and pulled her toe mostly off and I had to run her over to the vet so that they could clean it out, finish removing the toe, and then stitch it all back up. She’s been nicknames “Nubs” as she looks like she’s permanently doing that little “rock on” hand sign you see everyone doing. It was all a very sad and horrible experience for everyone. But—we did get the chickens replaced, and Eric and Kim bought the boys each a new chicken too, so we have more now than we started with. It seems so stupid to me that I cried my heart out over chickens of all things, but I sure did.

As I mentioned, T’s 9th birthday was Friday. He got a rock tumbler from us. He is geeky about rocks, so this was a hit and we already have a load of rocks going in the laundry room. Man, those things are noisy! It also came with some key chains, and stuff he can make when he gets his rocks done. He also got a quite a bit of cash, and took some of it and bought his very first BB gun with a scope, so he thinks he’s the bomb. We went to the school carnival on Saturday, and T walked out of there with 54 cans of pop!! Soda is not something that is bought for my kids a lot, so this was a super big deal to him!

J’s doing good. His baby buns are almost 4 weeks old, and we will be weaning them next week. We did have to put one down today. There was a baby who stopped growing about a week ago, and suddenly started having problems, so I don’t know if mom stepped on his head or if he just had something wrong with him, but he really seemed to be hurting and was so weak. His little runt boy we didn’t think would make it has almost caught up with his siblings. They are super cute right now—little white poof balls that make me laugh. I could sit out there for hours just watching them run around.
Anyway, back to J, he’s got a really bad head cold right now and had been feeling pretty nasty, but think he’s finally feeling better.

D got the grass planted several weeks ago and by golly, there is baby grass growing out there!! =-) We were hoping to get the garden planted this week, but with the weather it didn’t get done. I also think he talked about tilling the spot up one more time before we plant the rest. Our potatoes are poking up though!! Hopefully this week we can get it all planted. I have 27 tomato plants needing to be in the ground! YUM!


princessdiva said...

I wonder if rocks in the dryer compare in noise to the rock tumbler?? I had a 2 inch diameter rock that tumbled in my dryer from a pocket last night! Sorry about the chickens! What a bummer! Things will look up.