Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Thoughts

Well, it’s been a week since the infamous chicken slaughter at the Bruckner house. The two birds that survived, Chirpy and Tyson, are both almost back to normal. Tyson received a bit of babying—she had a chuck taken off her back, as well as an injured leg, but it all seems to have paid off. She’s back with the rest of the flock now only limping a small bit. I am really missing Nugget from our original flock. She laid green eggs. The guy we got her from was excited. He had a green egg layer a couple of generations back, but hadn’t had one since. They were a really pretty olive green shell. =-(
So we have 10 new birds, and before I list the new names, please keep in mind that my BOYS named them!! They are: Butterscotch, Jack #2, Wren, Bella, Torak, Vanessa, Burpy, Cena, (as in John Cena, the wrestler), Chicken Little, and Batista (again, another wrestler).
The baby buns are going to be weaned this weekend, much to their mom’s relief. I tend to humanize our animals, and every time I see her all spread out in the cage, with all these little babies jumping around on her or trying to nurse on her, I swear she looks at me with the “Please just take them…I need a break” look. There are 2 out there I am anxious to see how they fill out and do when they are older. One has some really nice dark points on him. We have lost 2, having 7 now.
D’s going to be busy this weekend. We started finishing our basement so we can put a family room down there about a year and a half ago. The first major step was getting the dang thing cleaned out, as we had never cleaned it out, and the guy who lived here before hadn’t either. Then we had to put a hole in our living room floor so we could put in stairs. The stairs that lead down there before are HORRIBLY steep, and have tiny little step. So, D made our new stairs nice and big, not steep, with in opening you could set a car down into if you wanted. And then it kind of stopped there for a while so we could save up more money and figure out exactly what we wanted to do down there. We finally have it all figured out and he’s been busy ever since. I’m getting excited! There was so much wasted space down there I can believe we hadn’t used before this!
Still haven’t gotten our garden planted. I am getting frustrated! Our potato plants are looking good though.
My Poppys in my front yard should be exploding soon. Poppys remind me of my grandma. She died when I was 9. She was THE country woman. She always had beautiful flowers, she sewed for us, and the baked the most amazing cookies and bread. And cherry Kool-aid. I miss her even still to this day. I would love to have her advice on gardening and my flowers. She also raised my dad and his four brothers and sisters and didn't kill any of them so parenting advice would have been most welcome too! She loved birds. Especially owls. In fact, I think, in weird, freaky kind of way, that its super cool that a pair of barn owls have taken up living in the old farm house. We've kicked them out,and patched where we thought they were getting in, but they always find a way back in. Maybe they are just suppose to be there. Anyway, I always smile when I see a red cardinal in my yard because she would always stop and point them out to me. And Blue Jays. And Orioles. I remember I always thought they were called Oreos. HAHA


princessdiva said...

I can't wait to see your basement finished!! It will be so worth it! Also glad everyone survived the chicken slaughter--I am so sorry, that just sounds so comical that I had to laugh out loud! You'll have eggs in no time again!