Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring is so EXCITING!!

What a great weekend this was!!
Saturday the boys had their very first baseball practice of the season. T was a bit nervous, but I just dropped him off and went home. He does so much better with things if his parents are no where around. Picked them back up and T’s been playing baseball ever since and begging anyone that looks like they might have a free moment to play catch with him. I am pretty sure he would sleep with his mitt if we let him. He even made the comment about being ready to play his first game. That boy has come a long way this past year!
J has all but 4 of his babies sold. They are all bucks. I think he’s going to hang of to them for at least a month to see how their points come in and then get rid of the ones he doesn’t want to show. He’s really got a plan!!
D built a new chicken coop area this weekend. He secured the fence a bit better and extended it out so the gals have more room out there. Before we started this little adventure I always thought of chickens as being gross little creatures. I admit I still find them gross, but they are also a lot of fun to watch. You can’t help but smile when you watch them all scratch around the yard without a care in the world. We are really enjoying them. Plus, they pretty much give birth every single day…that demands a bit of respect!! =-) Some of those eggs HAVE to hurt!
My garden looks awesome!! I have little baby lettuce coming up in my tub I planted it in. All my plants are up, except for the corn. I did have one row of green beans that just kinda disappeared so I don’t know if they got eaten or what, but they WERE there,(I saw them I swear!) and then were not. D thinks I just didn’t plant that row…like *I* would do something like *that*!! I need to replant them. The pumpkins have started to poke through the ground too! We planted 3 different kinds.
My flowers are really looking good!! My Poppies are HUGE this year. We did cut down a couple of small trees, so I guess they liked the extra sun. I ran to Dodge Saturday and picked up a few bedding plants to plant out back in the garden some color. I also bought a Fushia plant. My mother in law had one about 10 years ago or so and I just fell in love with it. She had hers on her porch and a little bird had made a nest with eggs in it. I had never been able to find a big one, but just happened to stumble across one when I was there. The Hispanic lady that checked me out told me that Mexicans call them “earring” plants because of the way the bizarre blooms come down. My mom also bought me a Martha Washington geranium. It’s beautiful and HUGE! It’s one of those things I would have stopped and admired, but never bought for myself---Even at 30, sometimes it’s just nice to be spoiled by your mom! My Bleeding Heart plant that I was so excited about broke off the first storm that come though after I got it into the ground. And then what was left was stepped on repeatedly by my boys. I don't think I will see that thing again till next spring!
We grilled out this evening and it was amazing! We grilled some pork chops D seasoned up, as well as corn on the cob left in the husk. We had never made corn this way, but it was AWESOME!!!!!
The last week of school is here!! I can’t believe it’s already over!
BTW---if you’re here, please leave a comment. They make me smile!


princessdiva said...

Love your little tubs of plants!! I'll have to go out back and check them out up close one of these afternoons. Yum--grilled corn--we have been grilling asparagus this last week--which makes it tolerable as far as I'm concerned! I am ready for warm evenings on the deck!! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your plants and garden ARE absolutely have the Burt green thumb....good thing u didnt inherit your mom's black one!! all the way!!! Dad enjoyed so much the contact with the boys in "their" domain today! we are both tired, but its a good tired tonight!! And even at 30, u deserve to be spoiled!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Beck. Your flowers are amazing. Makes me proud to be your friend. Atleast I can say my friend pebbles has a green thumb.