Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What a great Mother’s Day it was! I got up early…way before any of the rest of my family was awake. I sat in the silence, listening to the rain softly fall outside. It was wonderful. Did I mention how QUIET it was??
We got our garden planted. YEAH! Next I am on a mission to find straw to mulch it with after my plants get a bit bigger. This is our first year for this spot, and the grass is horrible in it. I have spent hours and hours pulling grass out, and the very next day I swear it’s back!! I think I am going to be battling this all summer long, but am hoping I can get it mulched and at least cut back on some of it. The potatoes are looking so good!! T is even into gardening this year, and planted some broccoli in a tub all of his own to take care of. Not real sure if that grows well around here though. He is also growing a cabbage they handed out at school!
We spent a good part of the afternoon at the farm. E and K are remodeling the farm house, and discovered a nest of baby owls in the rafters when tearing out some of the ceiling. I think they decided, after a majority vote, to leave them there till they are off on their own, and then secure everything back up so they can’t repeat the cycle. This makes me very happy as I was afraid that if they were moved, their parents wouldn’t take care of them. We are kind of goofy about owls in my family, and I am happy they are doing this instead of “getting rid” of them. They are really beautiful creatures…who found a very nice, warm, safe home for their babies....till the big guy with the ladder came along!
I went treasure hunting today while I was out there. I came home with a couple of old wash tubs, some really cool pails and a neat bowl to plant flowers in. Most of them will go out in the garden to “pretty” it up a bit. I wonder what my Grandad thinks of me planting flowers in the pail he put all his nuts and bolts in. Now I need to get to Protection to fill them up with some flowers.
The baby buns are all grown up. One has already left for his new home, and two others will be leaving this week. That will leave us 4. J’s got a pretty good idea which one he wants to use to show.
I can’t believe school is almost out. I am ready for break from the schedules and homework drama, so I am sure they are too!! Now, just need to find enough stuff around here to keep them busy and not fighting with each other!


princessdiva said...

I was telling Jeremy (who was looking over my shoulder) what a cool tub T was planting in!! Then I read where you found it!! You dirty dog--wish I had a great place like that to treasure hunt. Can't wait see all your "goodies" Grant and I finished planting our stuff today. Was a little chilly, but we toughed it out!

Anonymous said...

I will remind you how tired of the schedules and homework drama you were in a month.....hehehe.....isnt it funny how "owls" belong in our family? I'm glad to see you blogged :oP. Strange how kids are so much alike and so different eh. J is so talented with his wood and amimals, such a sense of humor! T is such a caring individual and I'm not surprised he is branching out into so many different areas! Treasure hunting ugh you and "your" family....I call it junk, you call it treasures lol anytime you want to treasure hunt, GO FOR IT!!! lol mom

Michael said... regard to your family wanting to go into the 'cattle' buisness: I'm sure "pincessdiva" can refer you to a good phychologist!!


Becky said...

Hey--I don't think I need to see the's your son in law.

princessdiva said...

Love family dynamics!! Ha!