Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

What an amazing Christmas.  We were awoken at 3 am.   Dan and I laid in bed and talked till around midnight...Christmas magic makes adults even anxious and excited, so 3am came WAYYYY to early.  Anyway, we stumbled down the stairs and we saw what Santa had brought, open presents, ate some homemade doughnuts,  and then crawled back to bed for a couple of hours. My boys on the other hand, went full steam from 3am till 8:30pm when they crashed on the floor, with the Wii controllers not to far away.

Christmas Eve was amazing.  We had been hoping to get out to the candle light service at this wonderful little country church about 11 miles away or so.  I thought our plans were ruined when J gets up with a headache and just feeling icky, and then D comes downstairs with a headache and just feeling blah.  J perked up pretty fast, but D continued to feel rotten most the day. However, we did end up going.  It was so wonderful. A great service, wonderful music, beautiful candles.  I left with this wonderful sense of peace. 
After the service we raced home and got ready for company.  We always have Christmas Eve dinner with my family and it's always roast with veggies and cornbread.   It was a nice peaceful evening.  M brought her ps2 over.  My boys' system broke about 3 weeks ago and they've been withdrawing. M loves Guitar Hero so that's what they did a good part of the evening.

 We've just been lounging the past couple of days. And playing Wii.  We got a WONDERFUL deal on a Wii a couple weeks ago so we grabbed it.  Didn't plan on buying it, but was too good of a deal to pass up and the entire family has been having a blast with it.  My boys FREAKED and were so surprised!   And I FINALLY beat D at bowling last life is complete now. I've discovered I play sports as well on the Wii as I do in real life....not well!!

Favorite gifts, besides the Wii....

T's is his iPod Santa brought him.  He's been wanting on for a while, and had enough money to buy one, but decided to "wait and ask Santa to bring it to him, so he wouldn't have to spend any of his OWN money."  Seriously, that kid is going to be wealthy someday. 

J's favorite is all his hunting gear he got. 

D swears he loves all his gifts and can't pick a favorite.  But I know it WASN'T the bottle of Red Raspberry Smokey Hills wine I got for us to try. HAHA  I, on the other hand, enjoyed his gift tremendously. (There's been a lot of wine talk lately, and I SWEAR neither me nor my husband have a problem. About once every couple of months or so we like to get a new bottle of wine to try out.  We both have very different tastes in wine, so it gets interesting!)
My favorite? Hmm...I am not sure I can pick a fav either.  I got a pressure canner that I've really been wanting.   My husband got me this AWESOME clock that I love love love.  M got me a beautiful "sisters" necklace. I had some guilt opening that one, as I had taken her gift, the second Twilight book, and wrapped it in a HUGE box with packing peanuts, Pull-ups and maxi pads.  Opps. =)
My brother and K also got me a  wall mounted jewelry armoire that hangs on my wall. It looks like a huge mirror, but opens up to put all my jewelry in.  Love it.

It was a great holiday!  Today we took most of our decorations down. I left some of my favorite snowmen up, as well as my Christmas cards, just because they make me smile.    I'm a little sad its all over, but its nice to get back to "normal":  normal foods, normal routine, normal house, normal school......normal is good too!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Chirstmas!!