Monday, December 7, 2009

December Update

WHEW!! We have our running shoes on here at the Bruckner house.   It seems someone always needs to go/be picked up from somewhere at the moment!!

We went to Meade Saturday to watch J play ball. They lost both games.  I am seeing improvements in J’s game, however. He’s got room for improvement, but I no longer cover my eyes when he gets the ball.   He’s become much more relaxed when he gets the ball. The first game or so he’d want the ball really bad, and then panic and get rid of it as soon as he got it.  He always got the ball stolen this way…the other teams figure out pretty fast what he’s going to do.   He’s taking more shots, even scoring in the last game he played.  I had asked him later if he heard me scream and yell when he did. He replied NO, but said he was more worried about trying to stay cool and not smile big and look like a dork.  I am seeing more of a teenager come through every day.  UGH. This past game day he comes out of his room 20 minutes before the bus leaves and says. “Did you not wash my uniform?”  Uhhhhh….I don’t know. Where is it?”  “In my BAG!!”  D looks at me and then at J and then back again with a look like Mt St Helen's is about to errupt in our living room and he must take cover immediately.  I try to stay calm.  “You’ll just have to wear dirty clothes then. I am not coming and looking for YOUR dirty clothes. If you need them washed, YOU put them in the basket.”  So, he goes to get them out and discovered his AXE shampoo has leaked….ALL over his clothes. So I wash his uniform out in the sink until it is no longer foaming, throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes, put them on a hanger, and throw him out the door, and hope they dry the rest on the way to Meade.  Lesson learned? I am not holding my breath.

T also learned a lesson this week about compressed air.  He had just got done taking a shower, and thought his foam soap was all gone, so he POPPED A HOLE in it with one of those punch can openers. (He “wanted to see what was inside of it.”)  There was foam all over my carpet, up the wall, ceiling, ceiling fan....words can not even describe the mess this made.  It was pretty easy to clean up.  However, I am still finding foam a week later.   And my house smelled of Cool Kiwi Berry from Bath and Body. I highly recommend it…though it’s better on your body than on your carpet, walls, ect.
This pic just does not tell the whole story.  You just had to be there to see and smell it all! 

T also had to go get some glue on one of his fingers this weekend. He had a buddy over to stay the night and they were looking at his pocket knife.  T reached over to take the knife as H flicked it up.  He cried right after it happened, but that is all.  Took him to the hospital, and they were looking at it, cleaning it out. I looked down and they were spreading it open, looking inside of it, and I suddenly felt very, very, VERY hot and started seeing little sparkles.  Next thing I knew I was sitting on a stool with my head between my legs with a cold washrag on my head.  T laughed and laughed, and told me it didn’t even hurt that bad.  He found it really amusing and has to make sure he slips that in his story when he shows people his finger.  That’s never happened to me before, and it was HUMILATING!! 

I don’t think I ever wrote about the 4-H Achievement Banquet.  This is where the county 4-Hers and their families meet for a potluck dinner and receive their year pins and their awards for their record books.   It’s a lot of fun.  J received his 3rd year pin, County Rabbit Champ, and County Aerospace Champ.  T got his membership pin, 1st year pin, County Hand Pet Champ, and a Poultry award.  T was pretty tickled because going over there he announced he didn’t think he’s win ANYTHING! ;-)  I always wait for a “Gee Mom, thanks for standing over of us and making us write in our books.” But so far, nothing.  HAHA

D and I are just trying to keep with the hustle and bustle of the season.  I do not think I am going to be able to get away to shop till the weekend BEFORE Christmas. Yeah, that will be a fun trip.   Hope to get some holiday baking in this weekend, as well as go see New Moon again—it’s playing here that the Chief this weekend.  Dragging D to it…if any of you get a “PLEASE HELP ME” text from him, just ignore it! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ummm how come when I got a call from Becky about T, she didnt mention she almost fainted?? LOL. Chelle is looking forward to "the show" again this weekend!! Am very proud of the boys and their projects and showings!! they are awesome grandsons!

princessdiva said...

HAHA--I am still laughing about the can explosion!! I think my head would have looked like that can if my boys had done it!! Though I would rather have that experiment any day over the one that burned holes in Grant's bedroom carpet in several places!! Darn boys!! They'll make all our hair come out!