Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions

I am not usually the type of person that makes New Years Resolutions.  However, the Bruckner house will be taking on a couple this coming new year.

D and I were appalled to learn (after saving ALL our receipts for a month) that we spend MORE THAN HALF of our income a month on…..drum roll, please….groceries.  Now, I would totally understand this if we were eating filet mignon every night, but I assure you, that is not the case.   I do understand our food bill is also going to be higher than a normal family given the fact that I feed 10 daycare kids 2 meals and a snack everyday. But seriously!

So my resolutions are this:

Shop and plan meals more around the sales at the store. And also stock up on sale items if it’s something we will use.  (Already have 4 cans of spag sauce on our storage shelf  because they were on sale for $1.25. Go me.)

Cook more homemade.   Sounds easy, but I am the queen of box meals, because they are easy and I don’t really have to think about it.

Stop using paper plates/styro cups for daycare. This one is huge for me, because I *do not have a dishwasher*.   I’ve never ever had one. I wouldn’t even know how to turn one on, honestly.  But we spent THOUSANDS of dollars last year on paper products, according to our tax papers. (Which I get to deduct, but not the point!) Again, I am the queen of convenience.

Honestly, I’ve never thought about this all before. I go to the store, buy what I need to feed the troops, usually grab a couple of things we really DIDN’T need, and start the process all over the next day.  Obviously, it’s not working and we’ve been helping Venture Foods pay their light bill every month! ;-)

My other resolution I’ve made is to become healthier.  Not the “lose 200 lbs in a month” resolution I’ve made in the past. This one is easy.  Make better food choices, which might just fall effortlessly into place as I cut down the grocery bill and be more active, whether that means taking a walk or getting my butt kicked on the Wii.

Happy New Year, everyone! 


princessdiva said...

Go Becky!! I have had up to 20 bottles of ketchup on my shelf before (cause I forgot I already stocked up, AND they went on sale again!!) That's just one thing I WON'T pay full price for!! Will you still finance dixie cups??? Cause I know one little girl who will be SO disappointed if you don't :-) Happy New Year!!

Becky said...

Yes yes...we must still budget in Dixie cups. Those things are as important at our house as toliet paper! ;-)

Sara said...

I am catching up on some blog reading...You can definitely save a TON of money with menu planning! I have been doing it for years and I can mange to feed our family for about $40-$50 a week! And every once in awhile I have managed to buy enough "stock" that I only have to buy milk, bread and fresh fruits & veggies! Plus I love knowing what is going to be on the dinner table that night. Another! Good luck and You Can Do THIS!