Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mighty Hunters

Never fear, neighbors. These 3 mighty hunters can rid this area of any small game. Birds? No problem! (Well, unless they shoot one of the birds on my “do not kill” list, then there is a problem!) Squirrels…no match for them! Armadillos, you’d better run!!!

I’m not sure what it is about men and the hunting urge. My friend Lori and I have discussed this many times, and the only thing we can figure is it must be how we girls feel when we get a bargain on a really cute pair of shoes.

Anyway, these boys stalked this armadillo for *3* hours!! He (and I was informed that HE really was a HE because they did in fact look.) ran into a hole and they  dug him out. I started to lecture them on the dangers of wild animals, but D just looked at me and shook his head so I stopped and let them have their glory.

So, the total for the weekend was 3 birds, 1 squirrel and one armadillo.

They are all very much enjoying their new pellet guns, I’d say.


momma g said...

Having grown up with a dad and brothers who were "he man hunters" I was so very glad when your dad wasnt "game" on hunting. I used to upset my father to no end cuz while I could outshoot my brothers, I would take a book along to read while they did their thing lol. Yep, I'd say it is gonna be a loooong few winters for momma lol. Make them take hunter safety please lol.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Beck, the pictures of the mighty hunters are great, but is it illegal to smile while holding a gun.

princessdiva said...

hahaha!! Will show Grant when he gets home--he will be proud. Thanks for keeping him--he had a great time--next time. . . our turn!