Friday, January 22, 2010

Paper Plate Rehab

My name is Becky, and it has been 25 days since I have used a paper plate. 

I think I have broken my paper habit.  Took a bit  for my daycare kids to stop throwing our “real” plates in the trash!! HAHA  I bought them orange cups and put their names on them.  ALL orange, so there isn’t fighting about who got what color on which day.
What I bought the cups for costs less than a package of styrofoam cups, btw, and I don’t have to buy anymore for a long time.

My exciting frugal discovery this past week was refilling our hand soap dispenser with bubble bath.  A 32oz bottle of bubble bath was $2.69.  A 7.5 oz bottle of hand soap is $2.89.  I can refill the hand soap dispenser 4 times with the amount of bubble bath in the bottle, therefore costing $0.68 a bottle.  We go through a bottle of hand soap a week!!  And I am sure the kids would rather have grape scented over Dial any day!   

I’ve got a very small  stockpile gathered now! My family lovingly refers to our storage shelf now as “Bruckner-Mart” HAHA 

This weekend I am going to sit down and plan a weeks menu out!!

Baby steps and small changes make a HUGE difference!!!


Sara said...

I laughed at your first sentence! Too funny. Just don't let Bruckner-mart run out of anything or you are likely to never hear the end of it! LOL!!

princessdiva said...

HAHA!! You goober!! Keep up the great work--think of all the extra spending money you will have for the vacation!! I am back to weekly menu planning too, for the last couple weeks anyway, and took a couple of cookbooks Fri to Wichita and made menus for the next three weeks! That is SOOOO much easier. . . if I just make the time to do it!!