Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winters Blahs

Can I whine for a moment? Really, if you won't to read about it, please, feel free to just skip this post.

I am so sick of winter. I miss green things, and hate having to put on shoes to go outside.  I miss flowers, and fireflies, thunderstorms, and the smell of sunscreen.  

My husband has been taking care of all of the animals outside.  I like to think he is babying me, but he's probably just not wanting to hear me whine about being cold.  ;-)
The rabbit waters are totally frozen, so we have to take every individual crock, dunk them in hot water, pop out the frozen water, and fill with fresh water.  This process takes about 2 to 3 minutes for each rabbit we have, so its alot more time consuming than just filling up crocks and feed hoppers and then moving on. After the rabbits we have to move on to the chickens.  I feel really sorry for them as their eggs are frozen solid and split before we can get them gathered and inside.  All that hard work for nothing.

Poor D has been having to break the cow water with a ax.  Come next winter we will be investing in a tank heater. 



princessdiva said...

I hear you on the cold stuff!! Hoping to re-start the water fall again tomorrow. It has been funny to watch the birds land in the waterfall and then slide around on the solid ice, looking for the little bit of water that wasn't iced over before I unplugged it. At least you can enjoy the seed catalogs!! Are you getting any, or should I bring you one or two of the 50 I have gotten so far!?!

Rhonda said...

I hear you. I'm so ready for spring. August is the worst for hot weather, and January and February the worst for the cold. At least February is followed by March! January is just COLD. That's something about the waterers and eggs.