Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day At A Show

Harper, November 20th.

The day before the show J went though his rabbits, checking fur, teeth, nails, and for signs of illness. He got everyone's weight, and made the decision who he would be taking to the show the next morning. He also sat down and filled out his entry form, as well as his comment cards. The comment cards  you get back with the judges remarks about that rabbit. J decided to take 10 rabbits.  5 Havanas and 5 Californians. T will be taking one along too. This is a double show, because  there are 2 different rabbit clubs getting together at one location, and  the rabbits will each be shown twice, by different judges. It counts as 2 shows.

 We get on the road at 5:49.  D wanted us out by 5:30 so we have plenty of time to allow for the deer and the fog, but everyone at that hour kinda of just walks around in a fog, so we were running late.

We get there, check in, and get everyone settled. Socialize, eat breakfast, socialize some more...wait....
There is a lot of chaos at a bunny show. Lots of people yelling for classes, screaming because they won, and lots and lots of laughter.

Here is the view of the show from our little home base. You can see the 2 lines of coops, and there are 7 or 8 different judges working hard. This building is huge--there is a whole another side that didn't fit into the picture where supply vendors are set up, a raffle rabbit, and many more carriers of rabbits.

Finally they call for the first showing of the Havanas.  Here Jake is putting them in the holding coops. They have wire on both sides that opens. One side J puts his rabbit in and take them out, the other for the judge to take them out and judge them.

Here Judge Tonna Thomas is judging  blacks with J listening very closely to her remarks. (Notice his chicken butt hair in the back of his head? It was much too early for a boy to care what his hair looked like. In fact, he never really did care, but it sure bugged his mom all day!)  There were probably 15-20 Havanas at this show for youth. J's blacks didn't do well as they are all getting their adult coats in and not in the best fur condition.  However, he did win Best Of Breed with a little chocolate doe. (This little doe got some pretty rotten remarks about her fur at state convention. Just shows you what a couple of weeks can do for a rabbit..good and bad!) So, since she got Best of Breed, we have to stick around now for the Best In Show judging.

J also took at group of Californians, but didn't do great.  There was a  older youth exhibitor that came from around Tulsa, and her rabbits were BEAUTIFUL! We were all drooling over them. ;) The judge did tell Jake that his 2 Jr bucks showed a lot of promise and got some go remarks.

T also took Izzy, but she was DQ'ed for being overweight.  The max weight for her is 4lbs 6oz, yesterday she was 4lbs 10oz.  Izzy will be calling Jenny Craig later today.

Again, there's a lot of waiting around. Here the buns were all vegged out and relaxing. Some of them really enjoy it. (We have a couple that start running around in their cages and "begging" at their cage doors when we start getting carriers out.  There is also a few of J's Havana's that will stay posed all pretty until the judge moves them. Love that!)

So here are all the Best of Breed bunnies.The judge takes each one out, poses it, goes over it, and then moves on to the next one.  This is a part I can't even begin to describe.  Your heart starts beating faster, there is just this feeling of anticipation in the air that is like nothing else. It gets even more nerve wracking when the judge goes back for another look at your bunny. You try to read his body language and his reaction when he gets to your rabbit.
It's an amazing thing when they announce the winners. Lots of screams, handshakes, back slaps, and smiles. After it is announced, the winners go back with the judges for pictures.
Today's winners were a Castor Mini Rex, Mini Satin, (I think?) and a Florida White!!!  So we pack up after congratulating everyone, and head back home. The trips home are ALWAYS quiet as the boys are usually asleep before we hit the outskirts of town!

And that's a day in our hobby!


Melanie said...

somehow I missed this post till today!! Glad you guys had such a great day!!