Monday, November 22, 2010

RIP, Frigidaire

My oven died.  No, let me rephrase. My oven BURNED UP.  Almost literally.  At Thanksgiving time. Who's oven dies at Thanksgiving time??  Mine.

Friday I got up early to make cinnamon rolls for a bake sale. Left it preheated so I could make more for my family a little while later.  Started smelling something. Daycare kids started smelling something.  Kids started PANICKING because "something was on fire".  I didn't smell fire, but I DID smell something very hot. Ran in to the kitchen and the cook top on oven was so hot I couldn't even touch the pan I left sitting on it.  The oven started beeping and flashing a code. Turned power off.....and it didn't turn off.  It's so freaky when something doesn't work like it's suppose to!  Anyway, I finally had to just unplug the thing to turn it off.  As I pulled it out, I found the instruction manual on the back of the stove.  Looked up the code it was flashing.

Out of control oven detected.

No kidding??

So, it was going to cost $200 bucks to replace the control unit, but "if temperature had gotten too hot and caused damage, a total new oven unit will be needed", according to the little manual.

Decided not to chance the $200 bucks that would be lost if we indeed had to replace it anyway and to just buy a new oven.

So, I've been shopping for ovens on line.  My  life saving husband is going to Wichita for me tomorrow to get one, so I can fix Thanksgiving dinner. 

I would be TOTALLY pumped had I been saving and planning on getting a new oven.  The timing and unexpectedness of it just stinks.  At this point I just want an oven that will heat to 350...not 850.

And turns off when I want it too.

It's the little things, you know?! =)


Rhonda said...

That's plumb scary! Glad nothing worse happened. Yeah, I think 850 degrees is MORE than enough. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new oven!

Melanie said...

Holy COW!! I am still laughing at the code saying it was an out of control oven--I can't believe that people get PAID to make up this stuff!! Like anyone would have time to waste trying to look up codes when their oven is getting ready to blow :-)