Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

I've been working on this post for over a week now. Some of my THANKS are silly, but silly or not, I am so very very THANKFUL for my wonderful life and all that we have been given. 


1.My marriage to a wonderful man.  He's my best friend and a wonderful father.  I know how lucky I am, and am so thankful.  He puts up with my many "little" quirks and only makes fun of them occasionally. 

 2. My boys. I am so thankful God chose me to be their mom. They keep us busy, drive us crazy, make us buy new shoes every week it seems, but it's amazing. They are as alike as black and white. I find it amazing that the same two people can have two children that are as different as they are.

3. Our entire family.  Our parents, and our siblings, and the crazy people that married them.  For my families' farm that's been around for over 100 years now, and where I can go and instantly feel like a kid again. I love watching my boys run around out there.

4.  Nieces and Nephews.  Joesph, who just returned from Afghanistan (ANOTHER THANKFUL!),  Austen, Alex, Samantha and her sweet Baby Spencer, Victoria, Chloe, Caleb, Jason, Donnie, Baby Connor, and Baby Hope

5. I am thankful for the adoption of our nephew that was finalized on the November 12th.  It's been a really hard journey for his mommy and daddy.  It's been a wonderful experience to watch as it all came together.  God had a plan all along. We just needed to be patient.

6. My job. Who else can say they get hugs and kisses at work EVERYDAY? And marriage proposals! (That's only happened once, but I'll never ever forget!)  I'm thankful for the kids and their contagious smiles, and for the families they belong to.   For Katee, who comes in and doesn't run back out the door when the kids start screaming "TAAA---DEEE" and bombarding her with questions, all at the same time.Without Katee, I would have to miss out on a lot my kids' events. 

7. Facebook.  Ahh, yes. Facebook. "It MUST be true. I saw it on Facebook."  It does have it's disadvantages that I won't get into here, but I do love it. It's connected me with people I thought were gone forever from my life. It's help me connect with family I haven't seen much of over years, and I've learned that I have a cousin who I have much in common with. I can talk to these people when ever I want to! Amazing!

8. My friends.  The ones that always seem to know just what to say.  The friends who still associate with me after getting to know the REAL me...the me that just learned that Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on a Thursday EVERY year only a couple of years ago!! hehe  The old friends, who I loved even with the buck teeth and bad hair of our youth....oh wait..yeah..that was me, I guess! ;)

9. Our rabbit habit! For the long car rides, the hotel stays, meaningful conversations, awesome moments forever etched in my memory, the lessons learned, the friends we've made...all because of those fuzz butt buns we've come to love so much.

10. This blog.  I had reservations when I  started thinking about blogging. I mean, come on. Who really wants to read about my life?  But writing has become an amazing stress reliever for me. This blog is MINE and there isn't much in my world at the moment I can say is ALL mine and isn't shared in some way.  ;)


Melanie said...

GREAT post!! Being able to be thankful just changes one's whole perspective on life doesn't it!!? I am thankful for you!! and your friendship!! Hope you and yours have a VERY wonderful thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!! Be blessed!!

Rhonda said...

I really appreciated your list of thankful things, Becky! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I've sure enjoyed chatting and what-all with you on facebook and blogging. :)

Sara said...

Becky you make the top of my "Thankful" list. Without you, it would be so very hard to go to work each day. Knowing my kids are in such great hands is a huge relief to me. I know you are taking care of them as good, or probably better, than I would! Thanks for all you do...I can never say it enough!!

Joyful said...

#7... ;) Love you, too!