Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Tristen officially had cooties Saturday. I heard him wake up and start up the stairs--(Does anyone else get an overwhelming sense of dread when their kids come into their rooms in the middle of the night? At our house, it's never good, and usually means vomit.)
He had thrown up. I mean, he had THROWN UP. I  had to call D to come down and help.  The only thing he was upset about? Not that he was sick, but that he was suppose to show his new bunnies, and do showmanship  for the very first time at a clinic in Wichita. =(

Dan and Jake still took off for the show, with Dan feeling very guilty about leaving us behind, and T upset he wasn't in the car with them.

He got sicker and sicker through out the day.  He only threw up once, but his fever would go way up and then down, and then back up again.  His head hurt so bad, and he cried because his eyes hurt. =(  I panic when my  boys have fevers.  When I was 15 or so and my sister was a baby, she was sick, and mom told me to put her in the bathtub while she ran to town to get her some Tylenol.  Mom left, and Michelle had a febrile seizure. It's something I can still see in my mind, and scares the bajeebies out of me anytime a kid has a fever. 
BUT--he was up and raiding the kitchen cabinets the next morning. So thankful it didn't last long.

J did well at the show, not winning anything big, but still getting blues on the bunnies he did take. (It was a 4-H show, and qualified the bunnies he took for the State Fair.)  and got a blue on the judging contest. He had chosen not to do showmanship this time because he just hasn't had the time to practice.

Back when he first got into Havanas, he was ONLY going to have blacks.  Then he had a litter that had 2 chocolates in it, and he fell in love with them. Recently, he'd talked to friend of ours about picking up a blue Havana buck and I told him he was only missing the broken variety, so he might as well  get one of those too...I was mostly joking. Well, he came home  with 2 baby blue Havana bucks, and a broken doe, who is expecting a litter in a week or two. I guess that's what I get for opening my mouth. ;)  I'm telling you EVERY TIME we go to that show, we came home with more animals than we left with. Last year at that show is where we brought home Mr Guinea Pig.

SO FAR...KNOCKING ON WOOD...that's the only sickness we've had for a while. It seems really bad this year, and I'm really REALLY looking forward to spring!


Melanie said...

I love your new spring counter!! Glad everyone is back up and on the move. If you keep haulin' bunnies home. .you're gonna have to enlarge your garage:-) Though, I saw the cooles pic of chicken coop yesterday with a little chaise lounge and cool paint job INSIDE. .so you could lounge with your chickens :-) Dan could easily add on a relaxation room when he adds on for bunny space. .haha. .tell him I said so!! I'll bring ya the picture!

Rhonda said...

Glad Tristan got over his sickness - that sounded rough. I had to laugh about bringing more rabbits home than you started out with! I like that "count-down to spring" thing, too. :) Y'all stay well!

~Tonia said...

Ahh Poor guy being so sick! fevers are scary!! Glad he is feeling better!
The few shows we have been to we Always come home with a rabbit!!

Sara said...

I agree with spring not getting here soon enough!