Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our big snowstorm wasn't quiet as big as we thought it was, but we did get enough to cause school delays and early dismissals.
I'm not good with the cold.  It makes my bones hurt, and my shoes get all wet, and the my feet get cold, and I hate that feeling when your hands are so cold they hurt, and my nose runs,  my ears sting, and...well, basically, I'm a baby.

For this storm they were calling for dangerous wind chills, not just snow, so we had to make sure all the bunnies were bunkered down,and the cows were up close to the barn.  Dan moved the bale into the lot so they wouldn't have to go far for food, but they were all back out in the pasture grazing when we checked on them.  

Dan also spent a good part of one day closing up the barn. When you have rabbits inside a building you have to have a lot of ventilation, therefore one side of the barn has a partial wall, and the door is just screen, so a breeze can get through. But with dangerous wind chills, Dan closed it all up and they are all warm and happy.  They are also loving the extra food they've been getting, as they use more energy staying warm and need a bit extra in cold weather.  Hopefully we can open it all back up middle of this week! I'm sure they would love to see the sun again...I'm afraid with it being so dim in there it will throw our does into permanent menopause. ;) 
(Rabbits will breed better when they have more hours of sunlight. In the wild a doe knows that a litter born in the winter will usually not go well.) 

But I've been impressed with our ol' sad garage turned bunny barn.  We only found one place in the roof that let snow come in, and that was just in a walkway, not on any buns, and it's been10 degrees warmer inside for them.

Can you believe I AM STILL NOT DONE WITH THOSE STINKIN PATCHES?? UGH!  I WILL get them done today!

Stay warm!!


Rhonda said...

I hear ya about feeling the cold. I can't stand to have my hands or feet feel like they're freezing. I found one great thing, to take heated rice packs to bed with me for my feet. Bliss! Glad your bunnies are able to stay warm. I hope your patching thing gets done ... ugh!

Melanie said...

10 degrees warmer than -4 degrees is still pretty stinking cold!! YIKES!! Haven't made it out to check the status of my greenhouse yet. .but Cami and I got some pretzels made and my house smells YUMMM-O! Have a great day!

Tonia said...

We have water proof gloves and insulated boots! We also dressin amay layers. Our high tomorrow is 16 degrees. I was told that most rabbits will go sterile for a brief amount of time in extreme cold and extreme heat.. It seems to be true.. I moved all hay close for the goats too.

Sara said...

I have been meaning to tell you that on Monday after we picked Westynn up early and the kids saw J & T out in the snow with the shovel and sled, they thought they needed to play outside. So, I bundled them up and CJ spent nearly an hour out there shoveling off the sidewalk and the ENTIRE porch! She was like a bright red cherry when she came in, but she wanted to "shovel like Tristen" was doing! She really thinks he hung the moon!