Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Dreaded Task

I can NOT stand

 downright DESPISE

 WILL do ANYTHING to get out of..

..sewing patches on the boys show coats!!! 

Both have aquired new club and breed club patches over the past year, and would like to have them on for a clinic they have next weekend.
I'm wishing I hadn't have put if off. Only 5 more to go.  BLAH


Rhonda said...

Oh Becky, "best wishes" on getting this chore done! I like to sew and all, but patches like this are a "pain!" I've had to sew stuff like this before for Doug and just had to make myself get through it. Hope your clinic goes well!

Sara said...

Are you procrastinating by blogging? :)

Melanie said...

ICK!! You need a "granny!!" That's where all Jeremy's shirts go to have his patches put on. .She never complains. .so NOW I'm thinkin'. .maybe I should be payin' her??? Hope the games went well today!