Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh The FOOD!!

One of the best parts about State Fairs is the crazy foods! From deep fat fried candy bars, Oreos, Twinkies, to Krispy Kreme Burgers topped with deep fried ice cream...we just love it! This year there were a few we just HAD to try.

This little plate of happiness is a Red Velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing. Oh my goodness. Danny and I snarfed that bad boy down in record time while the boys were in line for a ride..so we wouldn't have to share. We are such wonderful parents, huh? ;)

Danny's been anxious to try alligator and declared THIS was THE year. Tristen..well, he wasn't so sure he really wanted a bite.
Danny digs right in!
Tristen, well, he takes his bite a little more apprehensively than Dan did. The verdict? It takes a lot like chicken. It just has a bit different texture and is a little more chewy. But it IS good.

Cheese Curds are a family tradition. We enjoy these little heavenly, artery clogging, delicious bite sized bits!!
 Oh yea...

Cupcakes were a hot ticket this year. I'm crediting one of my favorite shows, Cupcake Wars, for the sudden increase in cupcake love.  I got this little beauty at a catering booth I ordered my lunch from. Oh my gosh. The frosting melted your mouth and was JUST RIGHT in sweetness. We did see another booth that was just selling cupcakes.  Corn dog with mustard infused icing. No joke. And no. I didn't try one.

Some of us were happy with the ol' standbys. You know, like slices of pizza bigger than your head. 

Good thing the fair is only one time a year!! Now, I'm off to eat a salad for lunch in hopes to repair a bit of the damage done this past weekend!


Melanie said...

We ate an alligator pizza in Dallas once. .it did taste like chicken ;-) The cheese curds look delicious!! Probably is a good thing the fair only happens yearly!

Sara said...

I introduced my kids to Pronto Pups this year...my favorite thing about the fair. As we were leaving Preston gave me this ultimatum, "Either we get another Pronto Pup or we are eating McDonalds on the way home." LOL!!

P.S. Love the header photo!

Rhonda said...

I'm reading this at almost 1 p.m., haven't had lunch yet, and NOW I AM REALLY HUNGRY. LOL (Except for the alligator.)