Sunday, September 25, 2011

Next BMX Star

I think I've mentioned bikes are a hot topic around here. Many bikes have been drug home from junk piles to be fixed up, but my youngest has been spending his evenings on YouTube, watching bike tricks. Over and over and over until he thinks he's got it figured out.
So here is a sample of what he's been working on. Sorry about the noise--this is taken with my digital camera and it's NOISY!  Now the goal will be to slide back ON the bike after he gets it flipped around. I think. And we had like 20 takes this video. Over and over and over. Because when the camera came out, he just couldn't get it JUST right. He may be a little bit of a perfectionist.
I also learned he can ride a wheelie almost all the way down our street. Yikes.


Sara said...

I'm pretty impressed!! I know that if I tried that neither the bike or me would be standing. I fear this will be my daughter...not my boys, in the future, LOL!

Melanie said...

Crazy boys. .The things that they think about are amazing aren't they??

Rhonda said...

Cool, but nerve-wracking! LOL