Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

Don't you just love those weekends when you get EVERYTHING done you wanted to? We kept pretty busy over this past weekend, but it was the good kind of busy. The weather was FABULOUS. In the 80's. It was even down in the 40's at night, which sent my boys scrambling to find  their beloved hoodies.  Danny and I though, don't think we will EVER complain about the crisp fall air after surviving this summer.

We put away a lot of good food.

We grilled hot dogs and bratswurst from our favorite local family farm. All beef! I loved the fact that I could pronounce everything on the label, and there was only 5 ingredients in the brats. They were DELICIOUS!

 A new recipe for us, but one we will be having again: fried ice cream!

Seriously, I have NO idea WHY I just can't lose weight? Any ideas?

We've been watching our cows pretty close, knowing we were going to have to switch pastures very soon. We deceided this weekend that it was probably time, but needed to do a bit of fence repair first.

 This guy can pretty much keep up with the big dogs now. And I wonder just how old some of those fence post are. They are amazingly tough. Like trying to hammer into concrete.

And this one...well, this one found ANY excuse he could to drive the pick up. Apparently, leaving your hammer 5 fence posts down means you must get in and drive down, and back to pick it up. Was I EVER this excited to drive? I can't remember.

While walking around the pasture, praying I didn't find any snakes, I found these. Everywhere. Grass...er..well, just about anything that is suppose to be green, is pretty much all dead and gone, but these cactus seems to be thriving all over the pastures.

And then we moved the cows. And I laughed. My brother had closed them in when he drove by and saw they were all in the lot getting a drink. All we had to do was open up 2 gates. Dan walked over to Rosie and said "Well, get going!" and pointed to the open gate.  And off she went. And everyone else followed.  We don't have cows. We have 1,000 lb dogs.

They seem pretty happy with the new scenery and greens to munch on. Evidently the trees taste much better on this side of the farm.

We also located a hay supply for the winter. That's been a huge cloud hanging over our heads. Our local suppliers are understandably hanging on to everything they have for their own use. It's amazing the number of semis we are passing on the high way right now, loaded up with hay.
I am very thankful our cows are just a hobby for us. Not how we make our living.

I also managed to get the house cleaned, did a bajillion loads of laundry, weeded..and perhaps mowed parts of... our garden.

This fall weather can stick around for a long long time!!


Melanie said...

We saw some of those cactus too. .you'll have to let me know when you see them bloom. .bet they are pretty!! Maybe we should transplant those to our yards ;-) I'm thinking that anything blooming in the pastures NOW is worthy of the yard!! Hoping that by next weekend, you can do a bajillion loads of laundry with a new washer!! Have a great day!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your post! That food looked DELICIOUS. :) Those fenceposts are probably hedgeapple posts, they're like IRON. I've seen a lot of semi loads and trailer loads of round bales headed west on the interstate this summer and even yet. Enjoy this wonderful cool weather!

Sara said...

I am wishing our cows were just a hobby after this summer! And I counted on Monday 8 loads of laundry that were washed, hung out, folded and put away...I think my washing machine was even smoking at one point, HA! I guess the saying "No rest for the weary" is more true than I ever knew.