Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot and Lazy Weekend

Our weekend included...

We are at that time of our where scenes like THIS

are pretty normal around the house come Thursday nights. And I try to pick all that up, run for the laundry room and dump it in the washer before the smell makes me sick. I can't believe I gave birth to these 2 stinky creatures.

We did a bit of bird watching. This lady (guy?) has made appearances all summer long. I read that Road Runners eat snakes. She can stay as long as she likes. That fact almost smooths over the murder of a Monarch I watched her commit earlier this week. Eek.

We tried out some new recipes. This one is a Dreamsicle drink I recently ran across. Jacob LOVES Dreamsicle ice cream, so I thought he would enjoy it. It's just orange juice with scoops of ice cream tossed in..or as Tristen said "a root beer float with orange juice."  Anyway, it was pretty tasty!!

 The boys ramped their bikes. Our neighbors have ramps setup their yard, and the neighborhood has turned into a bit of a bicycle gang. They ride for HOURS and I'd really like to know just how many miles they are putting it.

Bikes have been a hot topic around here most the summer. They have acquired lots of  bikes and parts, have repaired a lot of them or used parts from here and there to make whole bikes.
I complain about the bike graveyard that has taken over our side yard, but I guess I shouldn't complain.  There are many worse things they could be doing than riding and working on bikes.

Some of us found the BEST sunbeams and laid around and snoozed. ..Perhaps for most of the day.  This is the closest Paris has been to sunlight in 9 years. The outdoors is a dirty and disgusting place, where the feet of the queen must not touch.

But this one says, HEY! You don't know what your MISSING!! If you hide in the Morning Glories, you can POUNCE on the first unsuspecting bare feet that walk by!

Hope you have a great week!! 


Melanie said...

Loved the picture of Jakes legs on the bike. .and am glad you explained. .I thought you were trying to make a point by melting BUTTER in a mason jar on your front steps. .Man was it hot this weekend or WHAT! Have a good one.

Rhonda said...

Oh yeah, boys and stinky laundry! Enjoyed your post. :)