Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Year That Wasn't

This was the year that my flower beds would finally look like they do in my head when I picture them. You know. Perfectly "groomed", not overtaken by weeds.

Obviously I was wrong and this was NOT the year.  As of right now, the weeds have taken over everything because I'm a baby and refuse to weed when it's 108 outside. As of right now I've lost both Shasta Daisy's and 2 Gaillardia plants. Two others are just barely hanging on. I keep hoping that maybe they are not dead, just dormant, going to the happy place plants go to during the winter, but just heading there earlier this year to escape the scorching heat. 

Or perhaps I am in denial and they are dead. Could be.  I am so incredibly frustrated this year and at this moment have been daydreaming about pulling everything up and laying a bunch of decorative rock in it's place.

Who needs green anyway?



Melanie said...

I'm tellin' ya. .agave. .it's the way to go!! Next year will surely be better!!

Rhonda said...

Sad, ain't it. Doug wants to do astro-turf or concrete painted green!