Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Garden Walk

First of all, thank you all for your kind words in my previous post. Dad is home and doing well at the moment!  =)

We have been blessed with some lower temperatures the past 2 weeks or so, and it's been such a relief. I'm seeing a lot of improvement on my plants. However, it spiked back up again today. I will be sad when this "green season" is over, because it IS my favorite, but am ready to welcome fall. This summer has just been too hard. On plants. On humans. On animals.

Our "real" tomatoes are just now starting to take off, but we have been enjoying lots of cherry tomatoes. See those cool striped ones? They are called Red Lightening.Technically, they are suppose to be normal size tomatoes, but just haven't been able to get any size on them.  And see the ones that look green? They are actually fully ripe.  They are Italian Ice tomatoes. We are really enjoying them, and it's been a lot of fun growing some different varieties.

Now our tomato plants may not be producing a lot of fruit in the heat, but they have been growing! Check THIS out!!
Over 6 feet tall!!

All the plants have suddenly decided it's time to make some mators! YEA!

And I am VERY excited about the green peppers! This is the first time I've grown these, and they've pretty much just sat all summer. The temps lowers and suddenly they went to town! I've also got a bunch of itty bitty jalapenos coming along too. FINALLY!!! I just might get to make salsa after all!

And ok-ok this isn't from my garden, but I was really happy to see this cutie hanging around the front yard!!

Lots going on next month. September will show us back on the bunny show circuit after what feels like YEARS. We haven't shown since June. Well, we took bunnies to our county fair, but that doesn't really count. ;)  Everyone is anxious to get back to it. The bunnies...well, the bunnies said they don't care what we do with them or where we take them, as long as the temperature stays around 80.  Anything over that, they say, is for the chickens.


Rhonda said...

Cool tomatoes - those look so good! Like the stripey ones. :)

Melanie said...

Glad you are getting some produce! My peppers are looking pretty good too, and the sweet peppers are getting a little size to them, they should be either red or orange. .I can't wait! We're ready for the cool weather too!