Saturday, November 12, 2011

Windy Plains RBA Way Out West Show

Every rabbit breeder...well, ANY person that shows ANY animal...dreams of winning Best In Show. Its the entire goal  of getting up before the sun, packing up rabbits, and grooming a rabbit more than most boys groom THEMSELVES in a month.

To dare to even THINK of winning Best In show is HUGE. To dare to dream of winning TWO Best In Shows at a double show is just down right silly.

But---can you guess what Jacob did today?

He won Best In Show. TWICE.

We were super excited to head to this show this morning! First off, it was only 45 minutes from us, which is the shortest amount of time we've ever driven. And it was a double show.  Second of all, we had all woken up with the feeling it was just going to be a good day.

Jacob was THRILLED when he won Best of Breed with Jagger, and Best Opposite with Anna, a black doe in both shows. Which I will say is very unusual for the SAME 2 rabbits to be picked in the same order for 2 shows.

So, Jagger gets put up on the table for the Best In Show judging, and the judge goes through the bunnies, and he never looks at him again. Usually you can tell the ones that have a chance, as they go back and look at them a second, and sometimes even a third time. THAT'S when it gets exciting. So, without even a second glance, Jagger was announced as the Best In Show winner for Show A.

Jacob, Jagger, and Judge Robert Caldwell

After this, Jake put Jagger back up to be judged for the Best in Show Show B judging, knowing the odds of even placing again for really slim. What were the odds? Really?  Anyway, the judge goes through them, and he goes BACK and pulls Jagger out. I look over, meet Jacob's eyes, and he's trying REALLY hard not to smile.  The judge teases us when announcing the 2nd runner up. He walks towards Jagger,  LOOKS AT HIM, and lays the award check BY THE RABBIT NEXT to Jagger. UGH!!  Talk about a tease!! I was pumped when I thought Jagger was 2nd runner up! So when Jagger was announced  as the BEST IN SHOW for a SECOND TIME, I was: 1. stunned 2.excited 3. laughing 4.clapping  5. trying not to pee my pants  all within about 2 seconds span.

Jacob, Jagger, and Judge Vic Vogts


To say it was an amazing day is an understatement. And I haven't even mentioned how Tristen did!! I think he deserves a post all to his own! Stay tuned! =)


Rhonda said...

That's wonderful! Congrats to Jacob! Looking forward to Tristen's achievements, too. :)

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

GREAT JOB!!! Cant wait to see the next post!!

ragtime4361 said...

Wow! Congrats to J for all of his hard work paying off in one day! I'm so glad to see your family enjoying such an interesting hobby...and succeeding in the venture! Please pass off my congrats to your eldest!

Melanie said...

Awesome!! I'll bet he was thrilled. .and his proud mama too!!