Thursday, December 1, 2011

9 Years

Today, 9 years ago, I was issued a child care license with the state of Kansas. 9 years. The kids that I originally started with are in Jr high and high school.  I've seen lots of changes with the system during this time. Some good, some just annoying, some bad. But I feel like Kansas is FINALLY heading in the right direction.

I have had 9 years of slobbery kisses and hugs around the legs, 9 years of food program paperwork, classes, state inspections, 9 years of, at times, fighting, begging and pleading for my paycheck from parents, who "don't have the money to pay me this week" but tell their child in front of me to "hurry up and get your shoes on...we are going to Dodge" as they barely look up from playing on their brand new cell phone, 9 years of celebrating new babies and milestones with families,  9 years of laying in bed at night, wondering if that sweet little boy went be bed with a full tummy, 9 years of explaining thousands of times why its not ok to dope Johnny up with Tylenol and then send him to daycare, and then complain 3 days later when I have to close because I'm sick, 9 years of praying TODAY won't be the day the inspectors show up. You know..the day you over cook the macaroni noodles for lunch, and everyone is whiny and fighting and the baby just wants you to hold him, and there's dirty underwear on your bathroom floor, a Tonka truck in your house plant, and your childrens bedrooms look like some sort of explosion happened in them and it looks like you haven't done laundry in a year. (For those of you that don't know, the surveyors look through your ENTIRE house. Even your closets and areas not used for childcare.)
9 years of  "Is Your Momma A Llama",  9 years of glitter, glue, crayons, markers, and paint, millions of bottles of hand soap and tubs of baby wipes, 9 years of Christmas parties and a Santa who stopped by one time to hand out bananas...yep! I said Bananas! =) 9 years of ABC's, 123's, Dora, puke, snot, poop, and even a bit of blood. 9 years of binkies, and blankies, woobies and lost socks.

 9 years of tears as that little guy you've had since he was 6 weeks old, gets on the bus for Kindergarten, and the "Oh I hope he doesn't get lost or scared" on the first day,  9 years of laughter and exhaustion, 9 years of watching new mommies cry as they leave their babies for the first time, and feeling like a baby snatcher when they hand them over to me, 9 years of the pick up wars. Other providers will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, but it's this thing that happens to kids at pick up time. Mom's here and Becky's here. Which one is in charge? Hmm...I'll just act like a wild ape on crack and see which one reacts, 9 years of friendships formed with fellow providers,  9 years of listening to my children complain about my job, but I hope someday they will realize the benefits of having their mom available anytime and here and happy to see them when they get home from school, 9 years of "Can I have seconds, PA-PA-PA-PLLLEEASE?", 9 years of some of my families becoming some of my dearest friends, and 9 years of time with the most precious, innocent and amazing little people on this planet.

I just realized out of the providers in our county that were doing child care when I started, I am THE ONLY ONE left still providing care.

I'm not really sure if that entitles me to a medal, or a psych evaluation. =)


Robin Allen said...

Becky I am voting for the Biggest GOLD MEDAL ever....I too did this for several years....child care givers are WAAAAYYY way underpaid and even more taken advantage of by some parents...others recognize your value and worth as UNMEASURABLE and truly admire you to your core...i know the Stapleton's think the Bruckners and BECKY rock their world...your little charges are the lucky ones... Congrats of 9 years of sticking it out...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! ps plus you have YABBITS!!!!!Go Becky...:)

Melanie said...

OK, now you have officially made me cry!! I can't believe that I have been coming to your house weekly for nearly nine years. .I don't remember how old Dev was. .but not very!! We love you so much!! And I never thought we would love anyone as much as Stephanie!! Happy NINE years!!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Becky, that was so beautiful. I didn't realize you are a foster mom until now. Now, you made me cry. We are tenderhearted for the children we love and once were aren't we?~~Dee

Sara said...

Oh made me tear up...and laugh...and nod my head in understanding. I have never been a child care provided, but I see A LOT of those very same things at school. You are LOVED by Mr. Westynn and I can't tell you how incredible lucky we are to have had for your Westynn's first! He has loved coming back to your house and I know he is going to miss you dearly on Monday. He is going to miss his Becky!! Thank you for all you do for us and some many other families here!!!

Rhonda said...

This was very eye-opening, and thanks for showing an honest view of how it is. Of course, even with all the ups and downs, I'll bet there's a lot of blessing to what you're doing. Thank you for what you do. I lost it over the comment about a "wild ape on crack!" That put an interesting visual in my head. LOL