Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 is already a memory. Today we are in some kind of a post holiday hangover. The 2 oldest men in my family have been fighting a mild flu bug since yesterday. Not sick sick, but just sick enough to feel bad. Tristen and I are holding our breath we don't get it.

Christmas Eve found us at the candlelight service at our church. I love pulling up on this night, and seeing the church all lit up, with warmth and love spewing out its windows. After this, we always book it back to town, meet everyone at our house for a Christmas Eve dinner. This is something our family has been doing for years and years, only it used to be held in my grandmothers teeny tiny apartment. I actually can not remember a year we didn't do it. She's gone now, but every Christmas, as we carry on her tradition, she's never too far from my mind.
Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from our Christmas!
My big attempt at decorating this year! I got this idea from my newest addiction: Pinterest.  Was very happy with how they looked!

I added  them to the table as our centerpiece, as well as the food table.
Christmas mice. =)

Yep--these are my people. And that freaky face blur in the corner? That's my husband.
A small amount of torture usually comes in some form or another at our get togethers.

 But there's always much laughter. Here are Michelle and Danny, who I've lovingly started calling Abe. As in Abe Lincoln. No Shave November is SO OVER!!! Anyway, Chelle BEGGED him to take a picture with her with his beard all fluffed out. I'm sure he will be THRILLED to know its now posted here as well as on Facebook! hehe

Tristen was happy. Santa brought him his metal detector he has just been DYING to get since playing with one at the state fair. So far, hes dug up several old pop cans, a key, and an old tent stake.  He was also happy with 2 new Monster Energy hats, a wood burning kit, and  a very nice wooden magic kit that even impressed his parents.

 And THIS boy...this boy I am convinced had been peeking at Amazon shipment details in my email...HAHA..was VERY surprised to come down and see that a hunting blind as well as a basket stuffed FULL of hunting supplies had been left for him. Santa even bough him a bottle of doe urine. A first for Santa, to gift PEE! Anyway, he is thrilled with it, as well as a much wanted Wii game all his buddies are playing, and an IPOD dock where high on his favorite lists.

I was spoiled. My parents got me 2 new pans to add to my red Paula Dean collection. I just love this line! And Danny got me a beautiful pie board, as well as glass beverage dispenser with a stand, that just has me ITCHING to throw some sort of party and use it. You should have seen the look of horror on his face when I announced THAT!  Jacob got me a new METAL bird feeder, so our resident squirrel won't break it in his attempt to steal food. And Tristen listened to me gripe enough about wanting some hard soled slippers that he got me some. I hate having to put shoes on when I run outside in the middle of the night when we are expecting baby bunnies. The floor in our barn is rock, and it hurts on bare feet. I was very impressed--he got some leopard print,VERY soft, HARD SOLED slippers and I was even MORE impressed when I was told he even tried them on in the store, to see if they size was right, since he now has the same size feet as me!

And this wasn't a Christmas gift, but a Momma gift, which are just as special.  My momma bought me a new Nativity scene. I have been wanting  a new one for a couple of years now, but had just a certain one in mind, much like the one my grandma had at her apartment, and just hadn't found THAT ONE yet. She did though! =) It's perfect and I just love it. We used to have an all glass one, but very slowly the figures started disappearing. Funny how that happens when you have little kids!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I really can't believe it's already over!!!

And I am REFUSING to step in the scale until after the new year. BLAH!


Melanie said...

Looks like a great christmas for sure!! I always laugh when girls gripe about getting Kitchen stuff for gifts. .That's like THE gift for me ;-) I got a new crockpot and some mini muffin tins too. .thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED!! Hoping to get our pics posted soon too!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had wonderful time with family! :)