Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye to 2011

Didn't I JUST post a "Goodbye to 2010 post? This year has flown by so fast. Overall 2011 was good to us. We lived well, laughed often, loved much!  Here are some of our favorite things from the past year!

Danny raised 2 pigs this year so our family could have farm raised pork in addition to our beef. They were just recently sent to the processor. I found I had to distance my self from them. They have these cute little eyes, they smile when they eat, and Danny spent a lot of time with ours, so they were pretty tame and inquisitive and did things that just made you laugh. It got really hard to think about where they were going. Sometimes its hard to be an meat eater AND an animal lover. BUT--I would much rather eat meat that lived a happy life with "one bad day" than eat meat from factory any day.

We added a new breed to our rabbitry. And have hopes Tristen will do very well with them...just as soon as spring fever hits and we can get everyone to breed!

This past year Jacob had a few really big wins, with 2 of those being a double Best In Show in one day. We saw a lot of growth from him as he stepped up his leadership and volunteered to take comments for judges and does a GREAT job.

Hunters were born in my family this year. I griped a lot about having deer in my freezer, but I've learned it is "ok".  Not something I want to eat every day though. I do love, however, the time is allows the guys to be together, and for that common ground. And if I have to lose freezer space to a bunch of venison for that, that's just fine.

 This past summer was one of the hottest and driest ever for our area. This found us working like mad to keep rabbits alive. I lost a lot of plants, and probably won't know just how many until this spring. The garden, however, did the best we have ever had. Was a good year to be a vegetable at our house, just not a flower! =)  I'm over being frustrated and we have lots of projects waiting for the coming season. Come on spring!

And a whole lotta basketball was watched this year as we cheered Michelle and the Lady T's on at State. I will always remember watching my tough of nails baby sister tear up when they won sub state and realized they were state bound, and therefore causing MY eyes to start leaking. Michelle is a senior this year, so our time watching her play her high school years is almost over, but the memories made from these years will last forever.  And cross your fingers for state again this year!!

Happy New Years!


Melanie said...

Amazing what can happen in the course of a year, isn't it? It's always a little exciting, and a little nerve wracking to think about what will come about over the next year!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the look back at your year - Happy New Year for 2012! :)

Sara said...

Happy New Year!! To our favorite "yabbit" lady! Hope this year brings you many joys and abundant blessings!!