Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Visitors

I realize this post may just, in fact, put me in a "crazy" category--ex: crazy cat lady, crazy squirrel lady, crazy bunny lady, crazy bird get the picture.

But I just counted 11 different "beings" on the tree in my front yard. Squirrels, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, little red-headed house finches, cute little sparrows.

I was so happy to see everyone back. Those sneaky squirrels broke my plastic bird feeder, and I haven't had one for a good month. Jacob got me a heavy duty metal one for Christmas but was afraid everyone had moved on..  Mom also got me a cute pressed bird seed wreath that I hung on my tree. They love it so much I am going to have to make some of my own.


I know some people think squirrels are pests, and our neighbor hates them so bad he even traps them, but I just adore them. They make me laugh and are fun to watch.

Apparently, squirrels share as well as 2 year olds.

I was most worried about the little Nuthatch never returning. I love that little bird and swear its the same one coming back year after year. Last year there was a pair of them, but I've only seen one so far.  He seems to be the underdog. Everyone chases him off and he patiently waits for the feeder, and sometimes he resorts to picking seed off the ground.

Isn't he adorable?
Now, if I can just lure Mr and Mrs Cardinal back!!

What have YOU seen in YOUR yard today?

*Update: not even an hour after I had posted this, Mrs. Cardinal was dining at the new feeder. I hope she brings her handsome husband back with her soon!

And I also caught THIS on my camera and it makes me I wanted to share. I hope it makes YOU laugh! =)


Rhonda said...

Ah, that's fun to see all your visitors! That woodpecker is sure flashy with his red head. Yeah, that last picture is a good one! Glad you have your cardinals. I've seen our pair, but not real often. Maybe they'll visit more as winter goes on. I'm trying really hard to keep a good variety of seed out. We also have a lot of small brown birds, and there was a bigger brown bird the other day that was rust-colored all along the bottom, but not sure if it was a robin or not. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Melanie said...

That last photo is HILARIOUS!! It looks like he is jumping off the perch :-) I actually saw a robin in the tree row today. .and Gaia Garden has provoke me to try to sit still this weekend for an hour to watch and see what birds are around, even if I don't catch them at my birdfeeders! Oh, and I also have been watching my coniving felines army crawl across the yard. .only to have to get up and say "Rats" when they realize the birds have already spotted them and flown into the trees :-)