Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Hallway Makeover

About 6 months ago, I announced that I hated one of our hallways and it was time for a makeover.  So ugly. I look at it every day coming down our stairs.   When I mentioned this to my husband, he was in "a mood", quickly agreed, and immediately started ripping the wood work off from the door way from around our stair way...and there is sat for 6 months. So not only was it still ugly, it was now REALLY ugly with parts of the woodwork pulled out and exposing bits of the old lath and plaster.

(It WAS REALLY ugly. I seriously don't want to show you the before picture. Ok. Here goes. *gulp* Don't judge, ok?)

This is looking down from upstairs, AFTER I had peeled most of the wallpaper off, and Danny had removed the top door frames for me, but this is what I look at coming down the stairs every morning.

 I had been waiting on him to bring me a piece of bead board..have I ever mentioned my hubs is a procrastinator?.... until I realized that the existing paneling might look really neat painted  black. ..oil based, so it would look like glass!  And it would be free, since we wouldn't have to buy the bead board.

Nasty!  Old paneling, with no trim, scratched and torn up wallpaper.

 Yesterday, I looked at it, got mad, and just did it.

I  peeled off the old wallpaper, which took me no more than 5 minutes. It was so old it just came right off with no effort. I patched and repaired the cracks in the walls, primed and painted the paneling, Danny cut me a piece of wood  to use as trim, and I painted the walls .  A while back, we were strolling though Walmart and found gallons of white paint on sale for $8. I quickly picked a color I liked, ( Heritage Oiled Teak) and had the guy mix it for us. Score! Cheap paint!

TA-DA! The finished result. And just so you know--those pictures in that frame?? I have no idea who they are. They came with the frame!! I have pictures I want to print off to stick in there, but wanted  it to look finished so I hung the frame up anyway!! My dork level may have just reached an all time high.
Much better.
Its about 95% done. Dan still has to get the wood for around our doorway and paint it, but its MUCH easier for me to look at now.
And he assures me he will have the rest of it done in just a few weeks. Right, Danny?  ...Danny?


Melanie said...

I LOVE it!! I hear ya. .it makes my butt hurt to have those stupid little nagging projects that don't get done. .and when you finally get around to it, it takes so little time :-) Maybe this weekend he'll finish the rest up for you!!

Lisa said...

We painted a lot of our walls that were paneled. It sure beats taking out the old crumbling plaster that it covers.