Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Sparkle

 Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?  And I am NOT good at decorating, but I do love decorating for Christmas. Every year I add a little bit more. This year, I am having a love affair with real greenery. I picked it from the farm, and if I close my eyes,  and sniff its wonderful aroma, I am reminded of Christmases from a long time ago, where trees where real, the people I love the most were healthy, and the magic of waiting for Santa was just about too much to take.

So, I thought I would show you some pictures of some of my favorite  Christmas things. I am having a bit of bloggers block, and haven't  felt like I had anything to write about lately.  Keep in mind, though...Martha Stewart DOES NOT live here!

Greenery with some little sparkly bulbs added in an old canning jar. Thanks, Pintrest!

I love snowmen!! The water globe was my Grandma Juanita's. It was the only thing I really wanted of hers after she passed away.  She used to wind it up and just watch it while it was sitting on her lap.

I add greenery with lights and bows to our half wall every year.

And I hang our Christmas cards from it! 

Isn't he cute?

I got this tree a few years ago, but only used it one season before the lights died. I had put in way in the back of Christmas storage, and kinda just forgot about it until this year, when Jacob found it, rescued it, and replaced the lights. He's my hero!! I've really enjoyed it's little twinkle this year!

I am really learning I just love lights and twinkle!! The "present" is actually 2 glass blocks with lights inside. My BFF got it for me year before last, and I just love it. The Santa mug is one of a pair , and my boys drink hot chocolate from them Christmas Eve.  I used to have a smaller one that my was my dads when he was little, but it got broken in a very unfortunate ball accident, so I was thrilled when I found these guys!! They are just not the same as the old one though!

Snowmen are just adorable!

This year I took an old pail I plant flowers in, added some greenery and some red sparkle. Thanks again, Pintrest!!  I also found that little red cardinal recently, and may or may not have squealed with delight, in the middle of the store. I think he's adorable!
I love evergreen more than pine, but I do love pine cones and love how they look when they are naturally still on the branch.

How many days NOW, Santa?

I love Orange Pomanders. Some years I make quite a few of them and others I just make a few, but I ALWAYS make them. I love walking by and smelling them. DELICIOUS!!

This weekend and the coming week will find us finishing up the shopping, and the start of my goodie baking! Dan and I are taking off work on Friday for a shopping trip in the big city. JUST THE TWO OF US!!  I think he's looking more forward to eating, and not so much the shopping. =)


Melanie said...

It's fun to see the deco NOT in your living room!! Enjoy your shopping. .eating. .and cooking!! 11 more days Santa!!

Rhonda said...

Greenery is so pretty and smells so good! I may have to make some of those orange pomander things. :)