Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughts of TURKEY

How is it possible its almost Thanksgiving??  My stomach still hurts from LAST Thanksgiving, I swear!! This year we will be celebrating at the farm. This is something I am not used to, as I have prepared the meal for my family for years now, so its a bit strange not being in full blown prep mode. I do get to prepare several dishes, so I am not totally lost. ;)

Today finds my sister home on break, and Jacob home sick with a sore throat.  This "thing" we are passing around needs to leave and very soon. I still sound like a 80 year old chain smoker first thing in the morning.

This past weekend found us in Wichita at our favorite double show.  Jacob's Havanas had all blown coats from being stressed at convention, so none of them placed, but he did get BOB and BOS Standard Chin.He was the only exhibitor. And he had BOS Californian  in both shows with a silly looking intermediate buck he got at nationals. I've made fun of this bunny since he bought him, so I guess I should shut my mouth now. ;)

Tristen's goal since nationals has been to do better at a show than his brother.  Not that they are competitive with each other or anything. *sigh*  .  Out of a very nice showing of Dutch in the Windy Plains show, Tristen won Best of Breed with a cute little  tort buck named Padlock.  In the other show is was SO.CLOSE. He had 4 of the 7 animals up for breed, but they went 2 others for best and best opposite. He was miffed. ;)

Torts ROCKED this show!! Tristen with Padlock, Best of Breed, and Madison and her tort doe, win Best Opposite.

Photography by Tristen.  Padlock is checking out his jar of fresh local honey he won!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!  Count your BLESSINGS!!


Melanie said...

Love Tristen's photo!! Enjoy your turkey on Thursday. .and your Friday off. .since Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year :-) HAHA!

patrick said...

Belated best wishes from Merriam, KS. I hope you had a blessed time.Spent mine at the hospital but caught up with a lot of posts. Speaking of Wichita Garden Show. Big buzz kill when no major display was designed to handle my motorized wheel chair. Happy holidays to your charming Family.