Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Life

You-Hoo! Over here!! Yep! Still here! I seem to be on some sort of blogging hiatus. Not intentional, I assure you. I can't seem to sit down long enough to get a post done, and I refuse to feel guilty about it.

So here are some updates about us!

Tristen:  Enjoying his new steer that has arrived at the farm. He picked out a black baldy he's named Ninja.  He will also be taking a heifer that was born at the farm in March as well.  He thought having to walk ONE was bad last year..lets see what this year is like with TWO! ;) Tristens favorite project is the the beef project..yes, even over rabbits, so he's pretty much in Heaven!
 He's asked for an electric drum set for Christmas.  His mother is starting to think she should have encouraged him to play the harp.   He came home from nationals and bred a handful of Dutch does and is hoping something wonderful lands in his nest shut his brother up. ;)  He's also suddenly into Origami.  He spends hours in his room on his I-pod, watching demonstrations, and has made some really neat things..all from paper.

Jacob: Is also enjoying his new steer.  His is a Hereford named Brock.  Jacob enjoys the raising/care part of this project much more than the actual showing of the animal.  He recently got a job at our local grocery store. I was kind of against this move as I was afraid it would be one more thing to the schedule I would have to keep track of, but its been just fine. He's really enjoying it AND having his own money! He is gearing up for hunting season to start, and has a new place to try this year. He is also getting ready to go to Denver on a mission trip with his youth group.
I am at times SHOCKED at how grown up he is. 

Danny: Keeping busy at work as usual!  He just got our pigs for this season. He built a new pig pen for this year, so they can root around in more of a natural environment. This project *I* don't enjoy nearly as much as HE does, but I did forget how cute pigs are, and these girls are a lot calmer than our other ones were, so it makes it fun to go visit them. His wife has a nice long list of "honey do's" for him that will keep him very busy until Christmas. One is a Christmas present for someone very special I hope will get done so I can blog about it immediately after Christmas! =)

Me: I have been sick with a nasty cold. Saturday found me so tired I could hardly walk and I would fall asleep when ever I sat down.  After I realized the cough medicine I had been taking was PM and I let it get out of my system, I felt a TON better!  HA!  I recently bought a sewing machine from my Aunt. I am SO excited, but almost embarrassed to admit I haven't even had the time to play with it.  I have a few Christmas ideas brewing in my head, and my goal is to make THIS SEASON as stress-free and fun as possible.  I think that's my goal for every year, but I'm hopeful THIS will be the year I WILL ENJOY more, STRESS less!

I am finding myself  in a bit of a  funk and I think a lot of it has to do with the loss of my friend, Jamie. I have moments of panic where I can not BELIEVE I will never talk to her again, at least face to face, here on this earth, and lots of guilt for not being a better friend those last months or trying harder to get to her.  She's been on my mind so much, in fact, I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago, because I heard her laugh. Like she was right beside me and laughed in my ear.. I sat straight up in bed and was scared, excited, and then very very sad.  I had been missing her and her beautiful laugh so much, and I think some where, from deep in my memory, my mind had found a way  to "let" me hear it again. 

After this weekend, our show season will come to an end, with the exception of a 4-H show in January, until early spring.  We still can not believe our experience at nationals and I had the BEST quote EVER made by someone I just love to death.: "...who would have thought such PRIZE winners would come out of that HUMBLE little garage....kind of reminds me of a story that involves a manger and a barn...."  =)  

Bruckner's Gunner..obviously not posed, but you take what you can get. This is the awards he won at State and National convention.  Not too bad considering he's only been to 3 shows so far.

I promise I am almost done with the bun talk, but I do have a slideshow I'd like to share in the next couple of days we made of our national pictures.
Thanks for checking in on us, and I hope to be blogging more!!


Melanie said...

It is amazing at how our lives seem to change by the week now!! I totally understand about Jamie. .I have had that feeling this week about my dad. .just the unbelief that he REALLY won't be at Thanksgiving. .or Christmas. .we won't make fun of him for falling asleep on the couch after dinner. .I haven't even really let myself look at his picture since his death. .until today. .because I had to move it to put up my Christmas decorations on the shelf. .it was hard! Every year as I get ready for the NEW year. .I wonder how it will change from the last year. .never has the change been sooo painful!! Hang in there!! Saw Jake at work yesterday. .very, very strange!! They should still be little!

Sara said...

I think was freaked me out the most about checking in today was that your countdown says 36 days until Christmas...I think I stopped breathing momentarily! Good to read and catch up on your life.