Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's not even December yet, but my house is decorated..with the exception of the outside lights, which Jacob has claimed as HIS job for the past several years.  I have a new tree this year, and I couldn't WAIT to get it up. New tree+800 new white lights=Christmas tree perfection!  I also am very proud that today, my very first shipment of gifts will arrive!! Love Cyber Monday! Thanks, Amazon!

Jacob made it home safely from Denver with his youth group. I was anxious about him going, but he was full of stories, both from the excitement of going to the mountains for the first time,and working at the processing center for Operation Christmas Child, and then normal teenage boy oh-my-gosh-you-guys-didn't-really-do-that,-did-you? stories.

Last night was Tristen's band and music program.  Tristen is a band nut, though he does participate in music, band in what has his heart. Our school has a new band teacher and its so nice to see life back into the program.

Still seem to be in my blogging rut. Its not that I don't WANT to blog. It just seems be nothing worthy of blogging about at the moment.

Life in a nutshell:

A stomach virus made its way through our house the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We didn't get it too bad, but poor Tristen was sick sick sick. I always find it funny how people are affected by these things in so many different ways. 

Baby bunnies due this weekend. Some crosses the boys are very excited about. Its suppose to be very warm, so we got very lucky to be breeding this far into the season and not be too worried about cold babies.

We haven't located a decent hay source to feed our cattle yet for the winter. Scary.  We have been taking it a day at time, and so far things have worked out.  I love raising our own food...March thru October-ish. After that, its just not very much fun. :-P Things will work out, and I'll say it again:

I am happy we don't do this for living.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Your tree is beautiful. Gotta get in the decorating mood. Need it to not be so warm. Very cool that your son helped so much with Operation Christmas Child. It is really growing in popularity with the churches here the last few years.
Hope you find a good hay source soon. It is really rough this year. Take care and may everyone stay well through the rest of the holidays!

Melanie said...

I love LOVE your big tree!! It made me miss mine a little bit! Hope the bunny deliveries went well!