Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 1

Week 1 is over.  I'm still alive and the scale is starting to move.  I've done some sort of  exercise 5 days this week.

I have drank 928 ounces of water, (29 32 oz cups).  (I've decided my bathroom needs painted.)

Weird facts and thoughts from my first week:

I am finding my OCD is spilling over into this challenge. I write down EVERYTHING EVERYDAY. Weight. Water drank. How far I walked or much I excersied. I'm not really sure even why I do this, but I do get a sense of satisfaction when I get to write something down!

My compost bin is LOVING all the vegetable/fruit scraps that being fed to it.

I'm having a problem with wanting to eat the same food.. If I see a loss, then I'm so tempted to just eat that same thing over and over again because I showed a loss while eating it. I do realize how silly and irrational this is.

I am having fun trying new recipes/foods out on my family. This week I purchased flax seed, and have added to homemade granola, (Tristen and I love eating this with yogurt!)  as well as a homemade 3 seed bread that everyone loved.  Flax seed = yum. Who knew.

My husband will be doing a Walk Kansas challenge that starts this weekend and has been walking with me all week. He's a bit hard core, mapping out an entirely different route than what I usually take, becuase he drove around in his truck and mine was only 1.5 miles. His is 2.4, with killer hills. KILLER!!  I am loving the extra one on one time with him though.

Favorite quote of the week: "If you skip today, then what was yesterday for?"

Bring it, Week 2!


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So nice to read your UPBEAT post!
Track whatever info you want. If it keeps you going, it's all good.
Awesome that the whole family is in on the journey. My hubby drove a route I was walking for exercise once too. Disputing my mileage. Boys!
Something I do with several of our favorite recipes is half the meat and double the veggies. We enjoy them just as much and they're healthier.
Have a great week 2.

Melanie said...

Some of the people that have the best luck losing weight are those that keep a food diary that includes their intake as well as their exercise and activity levels for the day. .you might enjoy a pedometer to wear too. Make sure you are eating from all the food groups. .otherwise you won't have the right nutrients needed to make your body work EFFICIENTLY. .you can only freak it out and confuse it into weight loss ONCE. .then you have to do it right. .and those nutrients help! :-) Keep up the GREAT work!!

Sara said...

I hope you are picturing your little blog cheering section standing up and cheering and clapping each week when you post an update!! I have a real problem trying new "healthy" type foods, because I always assume they are just going to be gross. Flax seed is one of those things...hard for me to believe it would taste good. Who knows what all you will inspire me to do?!

Rhonda said...

The walk thing sounds interesting!