Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 2

Week 2 is down.

I walked 6 days this week.

Not going to lie and I will keep it very real. This week stunk--stunk like a dead skunk! The scale still moved, so technically it was still a success, but the beginning of this week found me slow and sluggish with an icky attitude. I'm blaming the time change.

I perked up later in the week. Still walked even with my Eeyore rain cloud looming over me.  In fact, I am discovering Danny's route is becoming more and more easier for me to do, and I realized last night that I ...gasp... have started to enjoy it.

I was faced with a wedding reception Saturday and went in with the attitude that I wouldn't eat any cake, and would just eat a healthy meal before I went...aka..sitting awkwardly and watch everyone else eat... And then thought about it for awhile. Would I be refusing to eat catered meals and cake for the rest of my life? No. I have plans of still eating a lot of cake in my lifetime. So-- I enjoyed a  very naughty meal of BBQ brisket that melted in your mouth, and enjoyed every.single.stinkin.bite of my piece wedding cake. The world did not end and I started right back up again Sunday morning, with no damage done. Hmm..maybe what they say about moderation really IS true. Who knew!?!

Walk Kansas started Sunday. Danny is joining me on this 8 week challenge.  Should be fun to see what we can do.

Food wise this week it seems my body is FINALLY realizing I'm not trying to kill it.. meaning the hunger pains that sound like a earthquake have drastically diminished. I am making sure I am getting most of my food groups and proper amounts. The only one I just really seem to struggle with is grains. Breads/pasta/rice are a craving trigger for me, so I guess I'm almost "afraid" to eat them, but am going to make a conscious effort to get more added in.. things besides granola.

I  love love love Greek yogurt and I learned a trick this week. The plain kind tastes like sour cream. Not something you really want to eat plain, so I have been adding a spoon full of ranch dressing mix and TA-DA--ranch dip for veggies! For an entire cup of "ranch" it still has less calories (120) than what 2 TBS of REAL ranch is.

My favorite quote of the week: Progress is progress. Whether its one lb or 100 lbs, its something to be proud of.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That time change was a killer. I dragged for the first few days this week too.
Walking when it's a little cooler feels good. Keep at it.
Nothing wrong with having a reasonable meal at a celebration. Savor each bite.
Have you tried whole grain pastas? We think they have a nuttier taste. And, they feel like you're eating more somehow.
I have not taken to Greek yogurt by itself. Cool that it is a good substitute.

Sara said...

The time change about did me in...I thought I was NEVER going to recover. Fortunately, the routine of school this week helped tremendously!

Moderation is the school of healthy weigh loss/maintenance that I have been a HUGE fan of my entire life!! I very rarely deny myself anything, but when I do partake I try to make them reasonable portions and make sure that I am offsetting them with some sort of physical activity!

I've heard greek yogurt is a good substitute for sour cream in recipes...guess I'll have to give that a try as well.

Keep up the good work!!