Thursday, December 31, 2015

Me in 2016

I love New Years. It always feels so fresh and clean.

I've started thinking about a few things I want to work on in 2016.

1. Finally continue on my weight loss journey, after a "slight" pause since my Dad died.  I've learned so much about myself during this time.    I've got a few kick butt and fun things lined up to get me going, including a diet bet with 50+ other people, and a 12 week weight loss challenge group.

2.  Be better at saving money.  Blah. I suck so much at this, and don't want to anymore. I'd also really love to have our savings account happy and ready for next Christmas, so that stress isn't there next December.

3. This year I'm going to learn Calligraphy. Weird and random, I know. But I've always wanted to learn.

4.  Write here more.  Its not that I don't have the time. I just don't MAKE the time. And I love writing. And need to write.

On my business end of my life, I'm doing some pretty amazing things, which includes a little bit of learning, and a few changes.  One of those being changing the way I do my billing, (from hourly to a flat weekly rate)  and will hopefully be more consistent income for my family.  This one is actually really huge for me. I hate change. And hate upsetting or inconveniencing people.  What I finally realized one day was in exchange for people not being inconvenienced, I was the one being constantly getting the bad end of the stick. (I made $2.75 an hr one morning this week.)
Its all part of the "Becky grows a spine" journey.  I may have the start of a nub!! ;)

Happy New Years!!


Unknown said...

This is good stuff! My mom learned calligraphy when I was in school. She was great at it and it was beautiful.
And yay for making the change with your billing. Your clients will understand and agree, it's makes more sense and is way more fair to you.

Unknown said...

You go girl! You know...I would gladly take any person's daycare spot that feels that your changes are unnecessary! We love our new lady in Greensburg, but the fact is that people need to realize what they've got--and that's you! I'm with you on getting healthy and saving money. :)