Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Joke

So, since March, when we got our chickens, I have been scheming up the best prank ever to play on my boys. D and I were going to dye some special Easter eggs, sneak them out to the chicken coop, and when the boys went to go get eggs on Easter: SURPRISE!!! hehe I was pretty sure that J would know it was us, but thought we could at least convince T that the chickens laid colored eggs just for Easter.
So, everything was going great. D snuck out, hit them in the coop.
We were just ready to head up to bed when I noticed that T had stuck a note to the Easter Bunny in his basket.
Dear Easter Bunny, Would you please leave some colored chickens eggs in the chicken coop. Please Please Please Please?? That would be such a good surprise. Have a Happy Easter. Love, T
Oh great. So, I don't get credit for the most amazing joke I have ever come up with...the Easter Bunny gets to take it all. (I'm still not sure if he just wanted eggs HIDDEN in there, or REAL colored eggs that the chickens had laid.)
But it was still funny. D heard T scream clear inside the house, and I am pretty sure our chickens won't be laying ANY eggs, colored OR not, for a LONG time. T's screams of joy probably scared them into egg hibernation.
I guess he won't be believing in the Easter Bunny forever so I should enjoy this fun while it lasts.


princessdiva said...

HAHAHAHAH. I'm still laughin! Sucks to have the wind taken right out of your sail. (listen to the sound of the sail deflating. . . ) Anyway, sounds like your thoughts are scary the same!

Shawn said...

Ahahahaha...that is awesome!