Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love summer!

My men are outside digging up potatoes! There are some HUGE ones out there!
J just made me smile when he stood up in the middle of the potato patch and yelled “I LOVE THIS!” We had big ol’ bake potatoes for dinner. I am not sure if they taste so good because they really DO, or because they are straight from the garden and we GREW THEM!!!
I have some peas and green beans frozen in the freezer, there are lots of ears of corn growing, and a couple of good sized cucumbers out there!! I love this too!! It's so exciting!
The tomatoes are about to explode and I do mean literally. The plants are so big and heavy with fruit they have all bent the cages over and they are all kind of leaning on each other now. Some of the plants are taller than my kids! We have had a couple of red ones, but they are mostly all pretty green. There are some out there that my hand barely fits around the bottom, and the average size of them is of a large apple. They are HUGE! WOW—love all that rabbit poop we tilled in in the spring! Hehe

We are all geared up for the fair, and have been putting on the finishing touches on the their projects.
The one that causes the most anxiety at the moment is their rabbits. We’ve had some problems—T’s bun that he bought last month got eaten by a dog a week ago. So, he was just going to show the rabbit he showed last year, who did really well. Well, he brings him up to the house, and he’s totally blown his fur. Rabbits molt once or twice a year, and this guy now looks like the Charlie Brown of rabbits. I'm not sure if he's going to bring him or not.
J had 3 Cals that he’s been waiting to show. These are rabbits he’s seen through conception to now. Well, that dog attack that killed T’s rabbit also scared these guys so bad they injured themselves from all the running and jumping around from fear. 2 of the 3 have leg injuries.(Due to swelling, they almost act like that leg is paralyzed) The vet told us not to put them down, that they would heal and be normal when the swelling went down, but I don’t think they will be able to be shown in the fair. So the one rabbit he CAN show, Truman, is tattooed…badly…by me. ACK. I was tattooing him, and he moved and made the gun slip. Now he has a nice clamp tattoo, as well as a screw up tattoo. We just can’t seem to win with these guys this year and it really upsets me because this is the project these boys really up their heart and souls in ALL year. They have to take care of these guys every single day all year long, and this year they are defiantly not reaping the benefits of that. Such is life, I guess. More learning experiences.
We flew J’s rocket today. He made it for the fair and he had to have a report as well as photos of it’s flight. I was nervous, as his dad had been sick and down for the count, and I am kind of retarded when it comes to those things, so he was on his own with NO guidance for the building of it. Plus, the dang thing is *6* foot tall and uses the biggest engines you can buy at the stores. Well, it was AWESOME!!! It flew up around 700 to 800 feet, came down very slowly and so softly that J was able to run over and just catch it as it come down. It was perfect!
We rented a commercial cotton candy machine for the community carnival for the fair this year!! My boys had no idea how CC was made, so a couple of months ago, after trying to explain to them the joys of catching cotton candy “floaties” on your tongue as its in the air, we decided that we were going to do this. I think it will be fun.

My sister in law gave us a huge zucchini out of their garden and I am going to try to make bread with it tomorrow. YUM!
I love this time of year!!

Btw—the boys just came in and weighed their haul…19 lbs of potatoes!!!!


princessdiva said...

You stinker!! Our tomatoes are very unimpressive, as usual! Sounds like the gardening has gone well for you all! Sorry about the bunnies--those are hard life lessons to learn--better luck next year! Can't wait for the cotton candy--gee, you'd think that since I see you twice daily--I'd know some of this stuff already, but it is always news to me!! Thanks for keeping us all updated!