Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tristen's Big Night

Well, last night was T’s big night. He was given a trophy for having the Champion Rabbit at the fair. He also was to make his cinnamon apple coffee cake that won the purple ribbon for his level in foods and have it auctioned off.
This ended up causing ME great anxiety. I had a nightmare…the wake up sweaty, think about all day kind of nightmare, the night before. In my dream, T went out in the ring, and not a single person bid on his cake. It was so sad. He just kept looking around, looking so sad, and the arena was dead quiet. I had almost convinced myself that this is what would happen, as my kids don’t have grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are able to come to everything they do, and I just figured family are usually the ones that buy the stuff.

So I had thought about this dream ALL day leading up to it.
Anyway, it all went off with a hitch. After T had his very first bid, I totally relaxed. He was scared, and looked really tense out there, but he had to try harder and harder not to smile as the bids climbed up. It was a wonderful experience for him.

This was my very first 4-H auction experience. And I sat there in the stands, totally in awe, that people care this much about our 4-Hers. We have some amazing people in this community and I am happy this is where we call “home.”


Anonymous said...

lol isnt if funny how and what moms stress over? Comanche county is a very good place to settle into, and raise kids. A very caring community that takes care of its own, and loves its youth. Amazing how many "cant wait to leave it behind" in high school, come back to raise their families here eh. I love the fact that both boys had a very positive year this year, watch out next year, here come the Bruckner boys!!! :o)

Becky said...

I've told them not to hold their breath for next year. They need to know some years will be good, others not so good--that's all part of it. Both where on a lucky streak last week--J won $25 at the carnival and T won 4 cakes on the cake walk, 4 2 liter bottles of pop, 3 cans of pop....Shoulda sent them in to pick out lottery tickets, I guess.

princessdiva said...

Yay for T!! You'll be so amazed at what 4-H will do for his personality! Keep up the great work!

Nichole said...

Very proud of both T and J! They did a great job!

Becky said...

Nichole--H did a a great job too! The first year is really confusing. We are in our 3rd year and finally feel as though I am "getting" it.

Mel--I am already seeing some awesome changes in him. Some of it could be age, but I really think 4-H has helped tremendously!!