Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Friends and Summer Days

What a wonderful weekend is was! It’s Monday morning, and though I am never really happy to see Mondays, this one came way to fast!
We had a wonderful 4th of July. We spent it with my friend, Franny, and her husband, Eddie, and their darling little girl, Chloe. We had a blast. The only damper on the weekend was my camera. It decided, on its own, to delete some awesome pictures I had taken of the kids at the pool as well of some great fireworks! My husband swears it couldn’t have done it all on its own…that I must have helped in some way, (as if *I* would do something like THAT!) but they really were there one second, gone the next. We’ve had that camera for 3 years and it has NEVER done that before. I am foreseeing a new camera in my future!!
Anyway, we had the best time ever. We didn’t do much. Took the kids to the pool, ate some pizza, and tinkered around a lot. We went to the park every night, and we swung like we were 8 years old again. Our legs quickly reminded us, though, just how old we really are! We took them out to feed the calf, and they learned more about chickens than Franny wanted to know….I can't wait to see if Eddie talks her into getting some!
We teased Eddie the entire time about how everything in Coldwater is either “down the road” or “about an hour away.” He couldn’t believe it when he saw kids just walking down the road, unattended, or that we didn’t really have to lock our cars up if we didn’t want to. And I think the size of our mosquitoes scared him a little bit!
Monday it was time to say goodbye, as they had to catch their plane in Wichita. There were a few tears and hugs, but we will hopefully see them again next summer as we plan to make a trip out there. A REAL VACATION!! The first one EVER for my children!
There is nothing like an old friend. All friends are wonderful, but there is something so comforting about old friends. Friends who are more like your family than anything. Friends that remember days of being barefoot, suntanned, eating cinnamon graham crackers at preschool and getting under-duckies on the playground. Friends who would fly halfway across the country, just to make you smile.

We miss you guys!


princessdiva said...

Sniff, sniff--AWWW that was so sweet! I'm glad you guys had such a BLAST! And you weren't kidding. . . Chloe is absolutely ADORABLE!