Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Who said summer days where lazy!! I can’t believe how busy we are right now. Just when I think it can’t get any worse, somehow it always seems to!!

At the moment, baseball is keeping us really busy. But we are just about done with that. I am ready!! Everyone really enjoys it, but when you have 2 of them playing on different teams, it just gets ridiculous.

Thursday my oldest and dearest friend will be here. She and her family are flying into Wichita to spend the 4th with us. They are from North Carolina, so I feel pretty special they are coming all this way! We saw each other about 5 years ago, but it’s been pretty hit and miss over the years. We were neighbors and went to school together, and then she moved away in 4th grade. We’ve kept in touch all these years. I flew out there for a week during my senior year and LOVED it. She took me to the beach for the first time as well as gave me my very first glass of REAL sweet tea!
Anyway it will be a great time catching up as well as meeting her husband and little girl.

Chewy is doing good…great in fact! He thinks I am his mom. This is the only time in my life I won’t take offense to being mistaken for a mama cow. He cries when I leave, and he loves to head butt me. It’s awfully cute when I scratch his neck and he starts sucking on his imaginary bottle with his tongue sticking out. D shakes his head and warns me it won’t be cute when he does this stuff after he puts on a couple hundred pounds. hehe

At the moment we are gearing up for the fair. The boys are putting finishing touches on the things they are entering. J has decided he would like to do rabbit showmanship this year so we’ve been trying to find out exactly what he’ll need to know and how to do it. I was proud of him for wanting to try something new and challenging, but WHEW!! They’ve been giving their rabbit’s spa treatments, clipping their nails and lots of brushing, in anticipation for the big judging day!
Speaking of the rabbits, I purchased something I would NEVER dreamed I’d see on my credit card statement…a TATTOO GUN!!!! HA! There are 2 different ways you can tattoo your rabbit. The ol’ clamp style, which is basically like a hole-punch with the letters/numbers you would like, doing all of it at once, and then your rub your ink into the holes it makes. OR you can use a tattoo gun, which we chose to do. It seems much more “nicer” to me, if there is such a thing, and you can make your letters smaller if you have something really big you want to tattoo. Such as: One of J's bun's name is Big Show, so that's what we will tattoo. If we used the clamp, the tattoo would take up most of the ear.

There’s always a new adventure of some sort at the Bruckner house!


princessdiva said...

Just wonderin. . .I've been wanting another tattoo??? Can ya help me out?

Becky said...

HAHA Sure...want me to tattoo your ear? ;-)