Wednesday, September 30, 2009


After the past couple of weeks we’ve had, it’s been really nice to just sit and just be. The only thing we “had” to do this weekend was football in Dodge. T got a fumble recovery and almost got an interception, but he dropped the ball.(In the pictures, J is #30, T is #9) J had a good game too. However, he had a horrible case of stomach flu the day before and I wasn’t even sure he would be able to play. He felt much better, just tired. Not only was he weak from being sick, he threw up so much he pulled something in his chest and it made running really painful. Coach let him play but made him sit out more. He didn’t mind so I KNOW he wasn’t back to full speed yet. He did get a punt return, but only made it a yard before he got hammered. I think he was happy when that game was over.

Last week we sent the 3 roosters to a farm. It was getting much too noisy and I like most my neighbors and didn’t want to drive them crazy. It’s very quiet in the back yard now, and the ladies out in the coop didn’t really seem to know what to do without them being there. It took them a good day to come out side and act normal again. I don’t think I wrote about it before but 2 weeks ago our baby chicks came. We had 25 but are down to 19. We are first time chick owners and it took us a bit to get the temperature just right and lost a few in the process. I’m ready for them to be grown up, out in the coop, and laying blue eggs!

J and D have a big rabbit convention coming up in October. T and I are going to stay home since he will have football. We thought they were going to have to miss it, but it just happens to fall on J’s bi-week in football so he doesn’t have a game. It’s a 2 day event, with one day dedicated just to the youth with all kinds of contests and things for them to do. As long as he doesn’t come home with more rabbits than he left with this time, it will be great. J’s defiantly got show fever!!
We just got him a new show coat, and it was sent to Cindy to have his name put on it. He found a really cool Californian rabbit pin to put on there, as well as a cool 4-H patch. Some of these kids really spice their coats up so it’s really cool to see how creative they can get!

I FINALLY got a new camera! One day a couple of weeks ago, I turned ours on, and it literally gave a death scream and wouldn’t turn on again. It was dead dead dead!! That thing survived a lot, including getting a whole glass of milk spilt on it. Since then, the batteries would only old a charge for half the time, so we would have to take 2, sometimes, 3 sets of batteries, to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Anyway, we packed up and went to Pratt, where I fell in love with one. Well, they didn’t have it in stock, but they gave me the display model with 10% off!!! YIPPEE!! I am thrilled with my new camera and even more thrilled I got money off for it! =)


princessdiva said...

OOOH the camera thing is freaky weird!! Mine just died too--in fact it is only 2 years old so I sent it back to Canon today to have them look at it and hopefully fix it for me--so I have had a crash course in learning Grant's camera so "my blog can go on!:-)" Have fun trying yours out!