Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rabbit Shows and FOOTBALL!

We had a very busy weekend!!
Saturday T and D took off to the open rabbits show at the state fair. Unfortunately, they came home before they got to watch T’s rabbit, PC, be judged. There were lots and lots and lots of rabbits to get to before the mini rexes, and they didn’t want to do or look at too much at the fair since we are all going up Thursday, so they just came home.(T’s a bit like his mom, and doesn’t like crowds. Not to mention he has NO patience at all.) They got see J’s Californian, Truman, be judged though. He got 2nd out of the youth Cals. Sam called us and kept us updated though and PC got 3rd out of the Black Jr Doe Mini Rexes.
His Dwarf Hotot, Julia, wasn’t judged till Sunday, so we didn’t go back up there for that one either. But Sam called us and told us she got Best of Breed!!!
Not bad for our very first show EVER as well as being at the State Fair! We were very pleased with the 2nd and 3rd so the BOB was AWESOME! I was afraid we were going to DQ out!

J and I headed to Dodge Saturday while they were in Hutch. This was the first game of the season. It was cold, windy, and misting…perfect football weather. However, I had my sister’s car, with no blankets or umbrella in the trunk!! Thankfully, Maria took pity on my and loaned me a blanket. I believe I would have died of hypothermia. I was so cold.
The boys played an AWESOME game, tying with a DC team 6 to 6. It’s been awesome to see these boys learn how to play the game. They are really coming together and you can see that things are “clicking” a lot more now.

Above are pictures of T grooming his buns getting them ready for the show. He thought he was the man getting to go a real rabbit show.
I’ve come to realized the best people to talk to about rabbits or understand what really goes into these guys are…..other rabbit people. I try not to talk a lot about our buns because you can almost see peoples eyes start to cross as you ramble on and on about them. =-)

J had a food entry in the State Fair also. He made Cherry Vanilla Chip Cookies and received a red ribbon. We had a huge fight that night, because he was trying to hurry though it, uncaring, and all he wanted to do was go play with his friends while he was making them, so I believe he’s lucky he got that.

Next weekend we go back to Hutch both days. J’s rabbit will be back in the 4-H show on Saturday, and then he will do Showmanship on Sunday. Wish him luck!!


princessdiva said...

Great job with the rabbits! The boys are sure excited about them. Hope you have a fun trip to the fair on Thurs! Don't eat TOO much junk. . . it will make your tummy hurt :-(