Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucky Lucky!

It would seem the Bruckner boys had a huge dose of Felix Felicis this past week. (Felix Felicis is a potion in Harry Potter that is refered to in the books as liquid luck)

Jacob was on a winning streak this weekend and I should have had him buy me a lottery ticket or pick out the Power Ball numbers or SOMETHING.

Jacob’s Californian rabbit got Best of Breed out of 22 other Cals that were at the State Fair 4-H show. So then he went on to compete with all the other Best of Breed rabbits for the Best of Show. He competed against 34 other rabbits for this and he got 1st runner up!! This won J a trophy and he also got a medal for the best of breed when we checked him out. (BTW-the above picture is of Jacob and Truman and the judge that judged for the Best of Show. Danny was so excited he didn't get her entire face! And it's a crappy picture because they had left the bag with all the show supplies AND THE CAMERA at home so it's a cell phone pic.) Keep in mind this was the rabbit I had blogged about before that I was CONVINCED would be laughed off the show table. It just shows I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to these guys. ;-)

Saturday at the show they were having a raffle giving away all sorts of rabbit related things for all the 4-H kids. There were sacks of feeds, stuffed rabbits, REAL rabbits, brushes..things like that. Can you guess what my son won? Yep..the real rabbits. He brought home 2 champion Havana rabbits…a breeding pair. Just what we needed. I would have been thrilled with the feed. Oh well. He’s super happy. Me? I guess I’ll get over it.

Sunday morning Jacob did his rabbit showmanship. They didn’t let the parents in to watch as they have had major problems with the parents interrupting the kids and coaching, so they took them into a conference room. J received a blue ribbon for this too!! I was so proud of him!!
(Rabbit showmanship is where the kids are judged on their knowledge of their rabbit. The rabbit is not judged, the KIDS are judged from everything from appearance (they have to wear show coats) to miscellaneous knowledge. They start at the ears and work all through the rabbit telling about and checking for illness, disqualifications, etc, and then the judge will ask them a series of questions at the end. They get scored for each section and the person with highest points wins. It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of an adult rabbit judge you don’t know and do this!! )

They had all kinds of contests for the 4-H rabbit kids. J participated in a rabbit judging contest and a breed identification contest.
We had left at 5:45 am so we could be there around 8ish. Jacob was done with everything by 10, but we couldn’t check out the buns until 6. Needless to say we were tired, grouchy, sick of the fair and ready to come home when 6 rolled around.

It was an AWESOME experience for all of us, and I now understand why you go into the animal barns and see people sleeping in the strangest places or positions….it’s exhausting!

All in all I was THRILLED with the results both boys got. Being as we were at the State Fair and that it was our first rabbit show EVER, I think they can be proud of their results!!


princessdiva said...

WOW!! What a great weekend! Congrats to all of you! They have obviously learned a ton in the last couple of years! Keep up the great work!