Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall is COMING!!

Ahhh..can you feel that? Fall is defiantly coming. The mornings are crisp and the days are just about perfect! Spring is my favorite season, but fall is a close second! I love the smells of fall time, the colors, pumpkins, apple cider, football games, the annual Dunn Halloween party….Fall just is just awesome!

Something new we are doing this fall is attending more rabbit shows. We are not real sure how J’s rabbit, Truman, is going to do at the State Fair. He’s not the best bun we have, (the others he has he just got, and are out of condition) and was told at the county fair that his bones were too tiny, but in order for J to do Showmanship with him he has to be in the show. J and Truman have become buds and he doesn’t want to do it with any other rabbit since Truman is already accustomed to the routine they go through and pretty much just lays there and takes it now. We’ll see.

Next week we will have our new arrivals here at the Funny Farm. The day old baby chicks will be arriving sometime after the 8th. We got 25 (That was the minimum number you could order!)-- 10 Easter eggers (Americanas) that lay colored eggs, 10 Red Stars,(they lay HUGE eggs) and 5 Rhode Island Reds. The Red Stars and RIRs are new 4-H projects for the boys for the coming year. We are also going to hatch some out later this fall. That will be fun!

This weekend I made more cherry jam, and tried a new recipe for blueberry jam. In all there are 12 jars in my cabinet, making me smile. The blueberry turned out a bit thin, so I am not sure if I cooked it TOO long or not enough. Need to figure that one out. It’s still ok, just not as thick as I would like it to be. I’d have a recipe for pumpkin butter and also found an apple butter one I’d like to try soon.

We ran to Pratt last night to get some chick feed and a heat lamp for the new babies and I saw some BEAUTIFUL fall colored mums out. I didn’t get any, but am kicking myself now. I might just go back sometime this week and pick me up some! ;-)