Friday, November 6, 2009

Funny T Story

T has been on D and I to have another baby so he can have a sister. Having two of the worlds cutest baby girls come to daycare, Cami and Elizabeth, hasn’t helped any. About once a week or so he’ll bring it up. We have repeatedly told him that, no, we are done and even if we were that dumb…err…blessed, to have another baby, it wouldn’t be a sister…we’d bring him home another brother. Genetically, pink doesn’t come to our house.

So anyway, while waiting for J’s bus to get back from basketball practice, he brought it up again. D and I told him, yet again, that we are not having any more babies.

“Mom, can you take me to the bank tomorrow?”

“Why, T?”

”Well, if you won’t have another baby, I am going to take all my money out of my account and you can go get me a sister from China.”

Interestingly enough he’s become obsessed with the idea of adopting a baby from China.

I wonder if someday I will have a beautiful almond eyed grand-daughter?


princessdiva said...

Hey, when you go get those China girls, bring me one home too, I've always wanted one! Poor T!! Some day we might give him Cami!! Especially if she doesn't quit pooping her pants. For some reason your blog posts are no longer coming up on my page--so I have thought that you hadn't blogged for like 3 weeks! Guess I will just start checking--HAHAHA about the cows! I can picture that! Fun reading!

Meg said...

Aww, how cute! My mom has always wanted a baby girl from China! I also thought you hadn't blogged for awhile...your posts weren't showing up on my dashboard!